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Roads in the Shire

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The road network within the Wingecarribee Shire is made up of State, Regional and Local Roads. Council is responsible for maintaining Regional and Local Roads.

The Operations Division of Council looks after the roads, from pothole patching and resealing to new construction and reconstruction.

The maintenance of unformed roads is the responsibility of the landowners who use the road for access.

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Road Classes 

The table below shows type of roads and total length within the shire.

Road ClassSealed (km)Unsealed (km)Total Length (km)

















Roads & Authorities 

ClassAuthority & FundingRoads in Shire


Roads & Maritime Services
Council has no determining
role in what work is done or
its funding.

  • Hume Highway and F5 (National Highway)
  • Illawarra Highway
  • Moss Vale/Bowral/Mittagong Roads
  • Old Hume Highway (from Mittagong to Aylmerton interchange)
  • Nowra Road (from Shire boundary to Sheepwash Road)
  • Kangaloon Road (from Sheepwash Road to Moss Vale Road)
  • Sheepwash Road


Wingecarribee Shire Council
Funded by annual block
grant from the RMS for
maintenance and rehabilitation
works determined by council.
The Repair Program provides
50% funding for specific
rehabilitation or enhancement

  • Wombeyan Caves Road
  • Jamberoo Road
  • Berrima Road/Taylor Avenue/ Medway Road to the Freeway
  • Sutton Forest/Bundanoon Road
  • Old Hume Highwa, Berrima (from Taylors Avenue to Freeway
  • Wilson Drive/Church Avenue
  • Penrose Road
  • Station & Funston Streets, Bowral


Wingecarribee Shire Council
Funded by Council funds,
grant funds applied to Local
Roads and include the road component of the Financial Assistance Grants and
Roads to Recovery Program

  • Local roads providing access to property and movement within towns and districts
  • Footpaths, kerb, guttering and sealed shoulders with urban areas on State and Regional Roads

Funding for Roads

Funding for roads varies with regard to the class of road, allocation method (distribution formula, accident record etc.), and the type of work required (specific construction, routine maintenance, untied).

Grant Funding

Repair Program for Regional Roads - State Government program:

  • Provided for specific rehabilitation or enhancement projects
  • Provided on a 50:50 RMS:Council basis
  • Distributed to RMS regions in accordance with Block Grant formula
  • Funds are distributed within the region by the RMS/Council's Consultative Committee, proposals are presented by Council and a program agreed.

Financial Assistance Grants (Road Component)

  • This is a Federal Government grant - untied
  • Funds are distributed by the Grants Commission using a formula which considers road length by surface type, regional zone, climatic zone, availability of materials, population, Council revenue
  • At Council the Financial Assistance Grant (roads) is applied fully to roads as non-specific income

Black Spot Program

  • This is a Federal Government grant from the Federal Office of Road Safety
  • Grants are provided for specific projects
  • Funds are distributed by consideration of the frequency of "injury" accidents and benefit/cost ratio
  • Applications to FORS are co-ordinated in NSW by the RMS

Roads to Recovery (R2R)

  • This is a Federal Government Program
  • The first program ran in 2000/01 to 2004/05, a second program from 2005/06 to 2008/09 and a third from 2009/10 to 2013/14 - Council to receive $788,741 per annum
  • Funds distributed in accordance with the Financial Assistance Grants
  • Council nominates projects based on the Roads to Recovery criteria

Other - Section 94 Contributions

  • Collected from development works
  • Caters for growth in traffic due to development
  • Applies to specific projects identified in the Section 94 plan for area 

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Asbestos & Roads

Click here for further information on Asbestos and roads. 

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Last Updated: March 5th, 2020
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