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Our homes are big energy users! Together they use a third of all electricity consumed in NSW.

The more power we use, the more money we spend and the more carbon pollution we create. 

We now have available to borrow, the Save Power Kit. This kit provides useful tools and information to help you measure and understand how you use power in your home. It will identify simple actions you can take to save money, power and reduce our impact on the environment.

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What's in the Kit?

Power-Mate Lite

Measures the amount of power drawn by an electrical appliance, then estimates the cost to run the appliance over a specified period of time and the carbon pollution it creates.

Infrared thermometer

Measures the surface temperature of objects from a distance. Find where heat is lost or gained in your home and take small actions to save power and money. 


Measures room, fridge and freezer temperatures. Avoiding over heating or cooling will really cut your power use.

Times how long you spend in the shower and the flow rates from a shower head and tap. Most household hot water use is in the shower. If you have electric hot water, changes here can greatly reduce your power bills.


Identifies the north and west facing rooms that receive more warmth from the sun. This can help you shade the hot summer sun and let the warmth of the winter sun.

'How to' guide

This booklet provides easy to use instructions and safety information for each kit item. It includes detailed information on how to use the items of the kit to obtain the measurements you need to identify your biggest power users. Additional activities are also listed here for your interest.


Worksheets demonstrate how to record your measurements and identify simple actions that you can take to lower your power bills and reduce the impact on our environment. 
Note* Please do not write directly on these worksheets. Feel free to photocopy them, however they must be returned unmarked along with the rest of the kit.

Action Plan

Lists simple actions you can follow to lower your power bills.

How to Borrow the Kit?

To borrow the kit, please call the Environment and Sustainability team on 4868 0860 and we will look at what available time periods we have coming up.

The kit is available to borrow for up to two weeks.

To collect the kit, you will need to pick it up from Council's Civic Centre located at 68 Elizabeth Street Moss Vale. You will be asked to sign a user agreement form that will state that you are required to return the kit (including all items within the kit) by the due date.

Last Updated: October 11th, 2019
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