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Council's Energy Initiatives

Council's Energy Initiatives

Council is committed to energy efficiency and reducing our reliance on fossil fuels. 

There have been several initiatives undertaken at community facilities and within Council’s operations to reduce our billed energy consumption and environmental impact.

Moss Vale Saleyards

Council Initiatives

Initiatives include:

  • The Mittagong Community Precinct, located on the corner of Queen Street and Albert Street, is lit by clean, clear white light since its outdoor lighting was upgraded to efficient LED lighting.

  • The installation of a 99.75kW Solar PV system at our Moss Vale War Memorial Aquatic Centre (LinkMedia release 2 June 2017). Link Click here  to access solar power generation monitoring for this site.

  • The installation of a 20kW solar power system at the Mittagong Rural Fire Service Headquarters. Click here to access solar power generation monitoring for this site.

  • Installation of a 9kW solar power system at Mittagong Welcome Centre, plus efficient lighting and air conditioning upgrades (LinkMedia release 16 September 2014).

  • A 30kW solar power system at Council’s Cattle Saleyard facility.

  • Monitoring and encouraging savings by managing Council’s use of power in peak demand periods at our water treatment facilities.

  • Formation of an Energy Management Working Group that works to identify and assess opportunities and future actions to our increase energy efficiency. 

  • The creation of a Revolving Energy Fund (REFund) to ensure ongoing funding is available for energy efficiency projects.

  • Providing guidance and support to the community on matters relating to energy use, energy efficiency and sustainability.

  • Installation of solar lighting at various sites where the cost of installing electricity is not viable e.g Lake Alexandra tennis courts and sections of the Mittagong Creek walking track.

Future Energy Initiatives

Planned Future Actions include:

  • Development of an Energy Management Strategy.
  • Upgrade of 2100 street lights to efficient LED lights.

Last Updated: October 17th, 2019
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