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Backyard Burning Policy Map

Backyard Burning Policy Map

To improve community understanding of how the Backyard Burning Policy applies to individual properties, an online interactive map tool has been developed by Council. 

The map allows you to search for your property and see if backyard burning is allowed and, importantly, what conditions need to be complied with when planning for and undertaking backyard burning.

Important Note

The information available on the online map will change over time in line with changes to the Local Environmental Plan or housing subdivision etc.

We encourage you to check the details of the existing policy and your property information before you consider burning to ensure that you are using the most current information.

Three simple steps

Step 1: Launch the Urban Backyard Burning Eligibility Map for Public 

Example of the Urban Backyard Burning Eligibility Map for Public

Step 2: Search for your property on the map by typing your address into the Find address or place search window located in the top left corner of the map and then clicking on the magnifying glass to search.

Example of Find address

Tip: You can also use your mouse or the zoom tool buttons to move and zoom in on the map

Step 3: Click on your property

Some properties are split between RFS and Fire and Rescue zones. Fire and Rescue zones are shown in darker green. For split properties, click on the part of the property where the fire will occur.

Example of Backyard Burning Eligibility Map

Step 4Review the pop-up window for information whether you can burn. 

Step 5: Click on the More Info link for conditions and critical information you need to know before you burn.

       Example of Popup with conditions

Award Winner

2018 Excellence in the Environment Award LGNSW

Winner of the 2017-2018 Local Government NSW Excellence in the Environment Award. 

Communication, Education and Empowerment Award.

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Last Updated: March 13th, 2020
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