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The table below lists past survey activities. Click on the item to view associated information.

Recently completed surveys
Waste Survey 201929/03/201923/04/2019

Communication and Engagement Survey

Pie Time evaluation survey17/07/201801/08/2018
Swimming pool satisfaction surveys18/01/201825/03/2018
Playgrounds Survey10/01/201818/02/2018

Community Satisfaction Survey 2017

July 2017Aug 2017
Disability and Inclusion Survey-17/03/2017
Aquatic Facilities Survey-19/03/2017
Community Strategic Plan Review 

telephone and online surveys conducted by Micromex Research
Illegal Dumping2/09/201620/09/2016
ArtsInfo survey
Aug 2016
Bush fire preparedness survey
Aug 2016
Swimming Pools 

Seeking feedback on the public aquatic facilities provided in the Southern Highlands.
10 February 20164 April 2016

Waste Wise Surveys 

Green Garden Bin and Community Recycling Centre

30 October 201524 November 2015

Investing in our Future - Special Rate VariationSurvey 

conducted to seek feedback on three options for funding essential infrastructure and services. These include the option to not seek a special rate variation and allow our assets to DETERIORATE. The second and third options seek rate increases to allow our assets to be MAINTAINED or IMPROVED.

8 October 20152 November 2015


An independent research company, Micromex Research, will be calling residents to complete telephone surveys on behalf of Council in the next couple of months. They will be seeking a demographically representative group of residents to answer the various questions.

What does 'demographically representative' mean? 

We ask a sample of the community for their views. The research company tries to reflect the age and gender of the community according to the 2011 ABS census data.

Why do we do this? 

Some age groups in our community are more vocal or active than others when Council asks for feedback on proposals. The research company persists until they fill quotas in age and gender groups to ensure that groups who we often don't hear from, such as people with young families, also have an opportunity to be heard.

Can anyone else have a say? 

Yes we will be offering online surveys at the same time, so make sure you are registered on www.yoursaywingecarribee.com.au to ensure you are notified of the opportunity to participate.

During September and October 2015

Youth Survey

Corbett Gardens

One of our most renowned and loved recreational spaces is due for a makeover and we want to hear your ideas for improving it.

9 June 2015
Positive Ageing

This survey sought information to understand what is important to older people within the Wingecarribee as a starting point for the development of a Positive Ageing Strategy for the shire.
02 April 201523 April 2015

Swimming Centres

Council sought feedback from the community about public aquatic facilities, including programming, service levels and facility improvements. 

6 April 2015

Backyard Burning

Wingecarribee Shire Council sought views and comments on the issue of backyard burning in a bid to amend the current policy. Council received a total of 1214 surveys. Surveys are currently being analysed. Click the above link for updates as they become available.

31 March 2015
Animal Shelter

In early 2015 Council sought feedback from the community about 3 options for the future management of our Animal Welfare services including the animal shelter.

20 March 2015
Water Services for Balmoral

Council sought feedback from the community about the possible introduction of a water supply service to Balmoral. For further information contact the Water and Sewer Asset team on 4868 0888.

20 February 15

Arts and Culture Plan

Wingecarribee Shire Council wanted to know what priorities its citizens have for the maintenance and development of arts and cultural life in the Southern Highlands. A draft of the Arts & Culture Plan will be exhibited in early 2015. 

9 November 2014

Robertson: Our Village Our Future

The 'Our Village Our Future' program is a community development initiative designed to bring communities in small towns together to build skills, share resources and help plan for their future. Enquiries to the Community Development Coordinator (02) 4868-0866

5 September 2014

Emergency Resilience Survey

This survey was conducted to establish local needs in regard to natural hazard awareness, preparedness, planning, response and recovery. The responses were then used to assist with the design of a community education program. For further information contact the Bushland Project Officer on (02) 4868-0819

04 April 2014

Community Safety Survey

Prior to reviewing and updating the Community Safety and Crime Prevention Plan, feedback was sought from the community. A survey was available for completion and www.yoursaywingecarribee.com.au hosted a crime spot identification tool and storytelling board.

03 March 2014

31 March 2014

Green Waste Survey

Feedback was sought from the community about organic garden waste collection options with an estimated charge of around $78 per anum, or $1.50 per week. An online survey and forums were available for completion at www.yoursaywingecarribee.com.au. For further information call the Resource Recovery Centre on (02) 4868 0888.

July 2013 

23 August 2013 

Hill Top Community Centre Survey

Wingecarribee Shire Council was seeking information from residents in order to continue to improve the facilities and services provided at the Hill Top Community Centre. Comments were collected to assist Council and the the Hill Top 355 Committee to plan improvements. This survey was available for completion in February and March 2013. If you have any questions please contact Christine Wilson, Hill Top Community Centre via Christine.Wilson@wsc.nsw.gov.au or phone (02) 4889 8998.

February 2013 

March 2013

Quick poll: What do you think about the proposed mixed use development which may include Kmart?

A mixed use development which includes a Kmart shop, 5 shop top dwellings, 10 shops/professional suites with basement car parking is proposed for the corner of Moss Vale Road and Bowral and Holmhale Streets, Bowral. This survey was available for completion during the public meeting held on Wednesday 30 January between 6pm and 8pm at Bowral Memorial Hall.

It was re-opened for further comment on 31 January and closed at 4pm on Wednesday 6 February 2013. Results will be recorded in a report to Council.

30 January 2013
06 February 2013
Last Updated: August 6th, 2019
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