Water Filling Station Application Form

Use this form to apply to draw water from our Water Filling Stations.

Water Supply User Types

Water can be drawn from our Water Filling Station for many uses, however additional information or requirements may be applicable depending on the proposed purpose for drawing water supply:

Supply of Drinking Water (Water Carter)

If you intend to draw water for the purpose of selling as drinking water (e.g. Water Carter), Council requires you to register with us to ensure our regulatory compliance obligations are met for the supply of drinking water.

Refer to our Water Filling Station page for more information on our requirements 

Personal Consumption (private use) or Construction (E.g. dust suppression)

If the intended use is for private consumption or for construction purposes (e.g. dust suppression), registration is not required.

Users can choose to register if paying via Account Card is the preferred payment option and/or if they would like to receive notifications on maintenance or outages at the Water Filling Stations. 

Payment Options

There are two options available to purchase water from our Water Filling Stations: Credit / Debit Cards or Account Cards.

For more information on these payment options, please visit our Water Filling Stations page.

Application Conditions & Submission Requirements
  1. Drinking Water Carters Only
    Prior to completing the water filling station application, drinking water carters are required to:
  • Have developed and registered a Quality Assurance Program (QAP) with the local Public Health Unit, in accordance with the Public Health Act 2010, the Public Health Regulation 2012, and;
  • Submitted a Food Business Notification Form to Council, in accordance with the Food Act 2003 and the Local Government Act 1993.
  1. All relevant sections of the application form must be complete, including vehicle and operator details.
  2. All applicable fees must be paid by contacting Customer Service on 02 4868 0888 or by visiting Civic Centre, 68 Elizabeth Street Moss Vale NSW 2577.
  3. A Drinking Water Carter must keep a logbook to record information on water deliveries and cleaning, as per the requirements of the NSW Guidelines for Water Carters and the Public Health Act 2010. Records must be retained for at least 6 months.
  4. A water carting vehicle must have an opening that is large enough to enable easy inspection and thorough cleaning of the interior and must have a cover that is able to be kept clean.
  5. The water carting vehicle, equipment, and records may be inspected by Council under the provisions of either the Local Government Act 1993 or Food Act 2003, and an inspection fee may be applicable.Water must be kept in a potable condition from source to supply. A water carting vehicle must be kept in a clean and sanitary condition. It is an offence to sell water that contains any foreign matter, is considered unsafe or unsuitable for its intended use.
Application Form

To apply to access our water filling stations, complete and submit the application form below.

A member from our Customer Service team will be in contact with you shortly after submitting your application to finalise account set up and process application fees.

Have some questions? Please contact a member of our Water & Sewer Team on 02 4868 0888.


Complete the form

Complete the online Water Filling Station Application form.

In Person

Step 1.Complete the form

Download, print and complete our Water Filling Station Application(PDF, 334KB)Please make sure to bring this with you.

Step 2.Visit our offices

Come to council offices between 9am - 4pm, Monday to Friday to finalise your request.

By Mail

Step 1.Complete the form

Download, print and complete our Water Filling Station Application(PDF, 334KB)

Step 2.Send us your completed form

Either by email to: mail@wsc.nsw.gov.au

Or by post to:

Wingecarribee Shire Council, 

PO Box 141, 

Moss Vale, NSW 2577