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RRC Conditions - Rejected Loads

The contents of the load must be disclosed accurately on entry to the Resource Recovery Centre (RRC). Charging for these products is based on the products in the load, along with the method by which they are unloaded.

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Rejected Loads

If a particular waste type is disclosed at the weighbridge and is found on inspection to be contaminated with other products the customer will be charged at the highest rate relating to the unloaded contents.

For example, if a vehicle enters with a load designated as Clean Timber and manufactured timber (inert waste) is found, the whole load will be charged as Inert – Mixed

If the customer chooses to have their vehicle reloaded, a reload fee will apply.

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Hazardous Waste

If the contaminating product is a hazardous product such asbestos, other
arrangements may need to take place.


If less than 10 cubic metres:

  • An Asbestos Rejection Fee will apply
  • An Asbestos Cleanup Fee will also apply to cover decontamination costs
  • Any costs associated with making the contaminated load appropriate for disposal at the RRC will be at the customer’s cost

If more than 10 cubic metres or in a form that cannot be handled by the RRC staff:

  • The RRC is not allowed to keep the asbestos contaminated material on site
  • The asbestos contaminated area is quarantined and a hygienist will be contracted at the customers cost to confirm the present or otherwise of asbestos
  • An Asbestos Rejection Fee will apply for each load (relevant if there have been multiple loads)
  • An Asbestos Cleanup Fee will also apply to cover decontamination costs
  • An accredited Asbestos Removal Contractor will be contracted at the
    customer’s cost to ensure cleanup complies with WorkCover
  • A transport company certified to transport asbestos will be contracted to transport the asbestos contaminated material, at the customer’s cost


The customer will be required to remove the relevant chemicals from the RRC site, or will be liable for charges relating to removal from the site.
Last Updated: March 7th, 2019
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