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Pedestrian Access & Mobility Plans

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Providing safe, convenient and connected pedestrian routes which will encourage people to walk rather than use their cars.

Bowral, Mittagong & Moss Vale PAMP

A Pedestrian Access Mobility Plan (PAMP) for the towns of Bowral, Mittagong and Moss Vale was completed in 2000 by Geoplan Urban Traffic and Planning. 

Council adopted this PAMP on 22 November 2000. 

PDFMittagong, Moss Vale & Bowral (PDF, 1MB)
PDFMittagong, Moss Vale & Bowral: Appendices (PDF, 8MB)

Robertson, Bundanoon & Villages PAMPs

A Pedestrian Access Mobility Plan (PAMP) study was developed in 2007 for the:

  • Township of Robertson (Stage 1 by QED Pty Ltd), and for the
  • Township of Bundanoon
  • Villages of Avoca, Aylmerton, Balaclava, Balmoral Village, Berrima, Braemar, Colo Vale, Exeter, Fitzroy Falls, Hill Top, Medway, New Berrima, Penrose, Sutton Forest, Welby, Willow Vale, Wingello and Yerrinbool (Stage 2).

These PAMPs were adopted by Council on 26 March 2008.

PDFRobertson PAMP (PDF, 3MB)

PDFBundanoon & Villages PAMP (PDF, 632kB)

PDFBundanoon & Villages: Appendix A (PDF, 113kB)

PDFBundanoon & Villages: Appendix B (PDF, 2MB)

PDFBundanoon & Villages: Appendix C (PDF, 2MB)

PDFBundanoon & Villages: Maps traffic volume/crash statistics (PDF, 2MB)

Last Updated: September 13th, 2019
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