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Bicycle Strategy & Network Maps

Bicycle Strategy

Cycling Network Maps

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Bowral: Detailed Map



Mittagong: Detailed Map



Moss Vale: Detailed Map



Network Map



Public Exhibition: Stage 2 Bicycle Strategy Towns and Villages of the Southern Highlands

Council received funds from Roads and Maritime Services to develop Stage 2 of a planned 3 Stage comprehensive Bicycle strategy for Wingecarribee Shire. Stage 2 was adopted by Council on 25 May 2016.

The focus of the draft Stage 2 Bicycle Strategy was to identify a proposed network that will promote connectivity between Wingecarribee's rural towns and villages.   

The aim of the Bicycle strategy is to identify and articulate the challenges faced by Council when developing an integrated cycling network and to provide a  'Tool kit' that will guide Council's future consideration and provision of cycling related infrastructure.

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Stage 2 Strategy



Stage 2 Network Map Overview



Stage 2 Network Mittagong Links



Stage 2 Network Bowral Links



Stage 2-Network-Map-Moss-Vale-Links



Stage 1 Bicycle Strategy

Wingecarribee Shire Council adopted a Bicycle Strategy in November 2008.

The strategy identifies existing and proposed key bicycle routes for Moss Vale, Bowral and Mittagong and establishes priorities for the  implementation of upgrades and construction of new bicycle routes.

The Wingecarribee Bicycle Strategy aims to:

  • Improve links to key destinations
  • Identify a network of routes
  • Establish a practical works program for cycling infrastructure
  • Identify cycle paths and facilities that can be used by the whole community
  • Establish priorities for construction work
  • Update the previous bicycle plan proposals to meet current standards
  • Develop a plan that can be used to obtain external grant funding

Some of the issues considered in developing the updated Bicycle Strategy were:

  • The topography, such as the steep hills between Mittagong and Bowral
  • The financial and resource constraints faced by Council
  • Existing infrastructure such as major roads and railway lines, the main shopping areas and recreational attractors such as public swimming pools and parks
  • Integrating cycle way development with other Council works
  • Existing cycle routes and desire lines
  • Increased cycle traffic, use of motorised scooters and an aging population
  • The need for a cycle tourism strategy

The initial strategy was limited in focus to the towns of Mittagong, Bowral and Moss Vale but the document recommends that other areas of the Shire be addressed in future.

PDFWingecarribee Shire Council: Bicycle Strategy (PDF, 4MB)

Last Updated: February 25th, 2020
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