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Garage Sale Signage

Sale Signage

Council recognises that garage sales are part of the Southern Highlands landscape, but we do ask that people holding these sales adhere to a couple of common sense practices to ensure the rest of the community isn’t affected. 

Signage Requirements

  • It is fine to put up a sign, but a maximum of just two sign: one at your property and another at the nearest cross street.
  • The sign must NOT be larger than 30cm x 42cm or A3 size.
  • If that cross street is a roundabout, make sure the sign is NOT on the roundabout or in any place that distracts motorists or their line of sight.
  • The signs can only go up on the morning of the sale and must be removed immediately after the sale is over.
  • Signs should NOT be dangerous or obstruct pedestrians.
  • Signs should NOT be placed on power poles or trees with nails and screws.


As these signs have an address, it is not difficult for our Rangers to trace any offending signs, then serve an infringement notice. 

If signs do not comply with the regulations, fines start from:

  • $200 per sign under Sec 146A(1) of the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997.
  • $452 per sign under Reg 11(1)(a) Road Regulation 2008.
  • Professional Service Rangers costs from $91 per hour.

Impounding costs may apply.

Last Updated: March 20th, 2019
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