Station Street Renewal

  • Project typeStreet, car park, and water main renewal works
  • Contractor nameNace Civil Engineering Pty Ltd
  • Completion Date12 May 2023
Station St, Bowral

Council's renewal works along Station Street in Bowral are nearing completion. The works include construction of new road pavement, new water main, kerb and gutter renewal, footpath improvements and inclusion of new car parking spaces.

The Station Street Renewal Project was broken into smaller sub-projects including replacing the water main, renewing the footpath, constructing the car park, and preserving the Camellia Garden. By breaking the project into smaller components our crews were able to minimise disruption to businesses, residents, and traffic.

Community impacts - April-May 2023

The railway station car park works will have impacts to commuter car parking, bus routes, and temporary parking on Station Street.

This work is commencing 17 April 2023 and will be completed by 12 May 2023.

Station Street temporary bus pickup points Bowral 2023

April 2023 update 
  • Structural pavement is complete.
  • Works on kerb and gutter, footpaths and driveways are nearing completion.
  • Works for final wearing course and line marking are planned for completion 12 May 2023.
  • The railway station car parking improvements will have impacts to commuter car parking, bus routes, and temporary parking on Station Street. This work is commencing 17 April 2023 and is planned for completion by 12 May 2023.
  • Restoration and conservation of the heritage Camellia garden is complete.

Water main 

Work to install a new water main between Boolwey and Merrigang streets is now complete and the redundant asbestos main has been removed. 

Further review of the water alignment is being undertaken and the revised alignment will be finalised based on the location of the various utilities and existing drainage structures.

An alignment below the existing main is currently being investigated to minimise disruption with other utilities and construction impact.

Car parking

The car park at the southern end of Station Street has been completed. Lighting and footpath works are currently underway.

Road pavement

An innovative road pavement technology called EME2 was utilised was used to expedite the pavement construction for Station Street.

The road has been reopened and will undergo final night works to complete the wearing course and line marking, which will be completed by 12 May 2023.

Kerb and gutter

The existing Trachyte kerb has been reused, recut and and relaid on the east side of Station Street (from Boolwey Street to Wingecarribee Street).

New concrete kerb and guttering has been constructed on the western side adjacent to the Camellia Garden around the Pin Oaks.

New concrete gutter has been constructed on the east side between Wingecarribee and Merrigang streets.

Commuter car park

Council is providing a full restoration of the Bowral train station car park on behalf of Transport for NSW.


The open channel in the vacant land at the southern end of Station Street has been removed and replaced with new drainage infrastructure.

Stormwater pipes and pits along station street have been installed as part of works completed to date.

The foothpath from the traffic lights to the station is currently being constructed

Existing vegetation and restoration and conservation of heritage Camellia garden
  • Existing Pin Oaks have been protected with new concrete kerb and gutter, minor tree maintenance, and pruning now complete.
  • The Camellia bed restoration project is now complete. 

A large existing Camellia garden at the site contains extremely rare Camellia varieties of very old lineage. The Station Street Renewal Project was complicated due to Transport for NSW (TfNSW) owning a portion of this area that is classed as a heritage site and Council owing the remaining area.

The existing Camellias required pruning before winter and before the restoration works could commence. Approval from TfNSW to carry out the garden bed restoration works was required and obtained.

Approval from TfNSW was given to clear the area of weeds and prune the Camellias before winter during Stage 1, which commenced in March 2022 and which was completed on 29 April 2022.

Stage 2 commenced in October 2022 and consisted of the restoration works of the garden walls and lamps, power supply install, excavation works of existing built up soils, and installation of improved soils and an irrigation system. This work was completed on 30 March 2023.

The restoration of the existing lamp posts has been completed. An investigation into restoring the power supply found that the existing system was beyond repair and that installation of a new system would potentially damage the posts and wall, so solar lamps in a heritage Federation style were instead installed.

The dry wall required extensive restoration works with the requirement to keep the integrity of the original builder’s style of work. The original walls were very fragile as their construction method did not use any mortar. This required all trade elements in the restoration works to proceed with extreme care when working near the walls.

Power to the site was required to supply power for the new irrigation system installed. Both the meter and irrigation system have now been installed.

A Camellia specialist was engaged to landscape the Camellia beds to provide the best possible outcome for this area. This has been completed.

Negotiations are underway with TfNSW for Council staff to maintain the Camellia beds in the future.

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