Rural Partner Program

  • Project typeNatural Resource Management Project
  • Project scheduleOngoing
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Attention Rural Landholders

The Rural Partner Program is funded by the Environment Levy and is about providing support to rural landholders. 

Council is interested in enabling and assisting rural landholders to achieve a satisfying rural lifestyle balanced with the sustainable and productive use of land. 

The Rural Living Handbook is a handy resource if you are thinking of living on or purchasing a rural property in the Southern Highlands. It will also be helpful for those rural landholders that have lived in the Shire for a while as it may provide new information or a fresh perspective on how you manage your property.

Planning For Rural Living

To help you make informed decisions and to ensure that whatever you are doing on your rural property complies with local planning rules and guidelines take the time to read the Rural Lands Development Control Plan and Rural Living Development Control Plan. 

The Wingecarribee Local Planning Strategy 2015-2031, has helpful information for rural landholders particularly Chapter 2 – Managing Our Natural Environment and Chapter 3 – Managing Our Rural Lands.

Get Involved

  • Land for Wildlife is about voluntary biodiversity conservation on private land, and is a free to join and has many benefits for members including free consulting services. A detailed property assessment with colour aerial maps is prepared including a site visit to provide you with up-to-date natural resource management advice.
  • Local Land Services (LLS) provides local and regional rural information and wide-ranging services. LLS will assist you with catchment and riparian management, soil conservation, biosecurity and advice on productive and sustainable uses of your land.
  • The Office of Environment and Heritage has extensive information and resources on threatened species and heritage management, in addition to other services.
  • Join the Small Farms and Rural Living Network - weekly e-newsletters and regular events. An excellent network to connect with.