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Neighbourhood Notification

Council must specify, pursuant to the amended Environmental Planning Assessment Act 1979 and regulations, where and when public notifications of a proposed development must be carried out.


Further to this process, pursuant to section 79C of that Act, Council must consider any submissions made in respect of a proposed development.


Development Control Plan 45 "Public Notification of Proposed Development" and "Wingecarribee Local Environmental Plan 1989" under clause 11.


Any Reports relating to the individual Neighbour Notifications are only available at the Civic Centre Customer Service Counter to view only.

Please read the Privacy & Personal Information Protection Act 1998 attached to all Neighbour Notifications.


As from 1 October 2008, the Environmental planning and Assessment Act 1979 changed to require the disclosure of political donations and gifts, when making planning applications or submissions in respect or planning applications.


The laws require the disclosure, upon making a planning application, development application or proposal, requests regarding environmental planning instruments or development control plans for any political donation of $1,000 or more (or smaller donations totalling $1,000 or more) or gifts as defined by the Election Funding and Disclosure Act 1981.


If you answer yes you must make a Disclosure Statement part 2 from Customer Service or from the Disclosure section of this website.




Last Updated: December 8th, 2011
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