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Local Planning Strategy 2015-2031


In a letter to Council dated 15 May 2017, the Deputy Secretary Planning Services of the Department of Planning and Environment advised Council that the Local Planning Strategy had been conditionally endorsed.  This endorsement did not extend to Chapter Four - Meeting Our Housing Needs because of Council's reliance on infill development.  The Department's letter may be viewed using the link below.

Statement of Conditional endorsement from Department

For further information please contact Strategic Planning, 4868 0888


On 28 April 2010 Council resolved to commence the preparation of a new Local Planning Strategy for the Shire to replace the current Wingecarribee Our Future Strategic Plan (2002).

The draft document identifies a long-term direction for the future development of the Shire upon which any proposed amendments to the Local Environmental Plan (LEP) can be based.

The draft Local Planning Strategy provides a ‘snapshot’ of the Shire in 2015.  It also identifies the key issues most likely to affect our land use options over the next 16 years whilst also respecting our community’s goals and priorities.  These include retaining a largely rural character across the Shire and maintaining a discreet rural buffer between our towns and villages.

The Local Planning Strategy replaces the Wingecarribee Our Future Strategic Plan, 2002. Although it is not the same as the 2031+ Corporate Strategic Plan, the outcomes from the Local Planning Strategy will be incorporated into the relevant sections of the Corporate Strategic Plan and will provide a strategic framework for further review of the Wingecarribee Local Environmental Plan 2010.

At its Ordinary Meeting of 24 June 2015, Council resolved to place the draft Wingecarribee Local Planning Strategy 2015-2031 on public exhibition. This exhibition was completed and submissions considered.

At its Ordinary Meeting of 23 March 2016 Council resolved to adopt the draft Local Planning Strategy as amended post exhibition.  The adopted Strategy has been finalised to incorporate those submissions which Council resolved to include in the relevant Precinct Plan.  

All submission makers have been notified of the outcome of the Council meeting. 

The Local Planning Strategy comprises two Parts.

Part One addresses Shire-wide issues and contains an Overview and eight chapters.

Part Two contains the Town and Village Precinct Plans.  The Precinct Plans include feedback from the Local Planning Strategy workshops held across the Shire throughout 2010 and 2011.  Feedback from the rural workshops has been incorporated into Part One of the Strategy.

The Strategy has been divided into Chapters and Precincts to assist with downloading the documents.

Further information may be obtained from Strategic Planning by telephone to 4868 0888. 

Part One - Shire-wide

pfd Overview

pdf Chapter 1 Introduction

pdf Chapter 2 Managing Our Natural Environment

pdf Chapter 3 Managing Our Rural Lands

pdf Chapter 4 Managing Our Housing Needs

pdf Chapter 5 Developing a Prosperous Wingecarribee

pdf Chapter 6 Managing Our Built Environment

pdf Chapter 7 Managing Our Infrastructure Needs

pdf Chapter 8 Managing Amendments to WLEP 2010

Part Two - Precinct Plans

pdf Aylmerton Village

pdf Balaclava Village

pdf Balmoral Village

pdf Berrima Village

pdf Bowral Township

pdf Braemar Village

pdf Bundanoon Township

pdf Burrawang Village

pdf Colo Vale Village

pdf Exeter Village

pdf Fitzroy Falls Village

pdf Hill Top Village

pdf Medway Village

pdf Mittagong Township

pdf Moss Vale Township

pdf New Berrima Village

pdf Penrose Village

pdf Robertson Village

pdf Sutton Forest Village

pdf Welby Village

pdf Willow Vale Village

pdf Wingello Village

pdf Yerrinbool Village

Last Updated: August 7th, 2018
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