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Current Closures





Oldbury Road, Sutton Forest

Flood water over road.

Do not drive through or enter floodwater

Until further notice

Closed at: Approximately 1km north east of Golden Vale Road

Detours: Access to all properties on Oldbury Road is still available. Addresses South West of Medway Rivulet – access from Golden Vale Road. Addresses north east of Medway Rivulet – access from Illawarra Highway.

Wombeyan Caves Road from 500m West of Goodmans Ford Bridge to Langs Rd

Closed to vehicles 3T and over

Until further notice

Access to Wollondilly River Station Campground is open, but the road is closed to all vehicles 3t and over west of that point and all the way to Langs Rd due to flood and bushfire damage. Numerous landslips, rock falls, retaining wall damage and causeway washouts have made the road untrafficable by heavy vehicles. This section of Wombeyan Caves Rd will remain closed to heavy vehicles until road, drain and retaining wall repairs are completed.

Barrallier Road at Goodmans FordLocal traffic onlyUntil further notice

Barrallier Rd is closed at Goodmans Ford, to all traffic except local traffic due to flood and bushfire damage. Bushfire cleanup works are currently being undertaken. During the closure the road will be occupied by heavy trucks and plant.Residents accessing properties are advised to pay attention to the conditions, beware of heavy plant and truck movements and drive with caution. Do not approach or attempt to pass any construction machinery. 

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Last Updated: January 11th, 2021
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