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Gibbergunya Creek Flood Study

In 2002 Wingecarribee Shire Council engaged Catchment Simulation Solutions, consulting engineers, to undertake a flood study for the Gibbergunyah Creek catchment.

The Gibbergunyah Creek catchment occupies a total area of 10.5 km2. The creek originates in the vicinity of Mount Gibraltar and drains in a northerly direction through the Mittagong urban area, where it is joined by the Chinaman’s Creek and the Iron Mines Creek and eventually joins the Nattai River.

The study assessed potential flood behaviour in the catchment. The flood study is the first step towards the overall floodplain risk management process in accordance with the NSW Floodplain Development Manual 2005. The flood study was completed in August 2013 and subsequently adopted by Council in September 2013.


The following maps provide details of the study as described.

AEP = Annual Exceedence Probability

ARI = Annual Recurrence Interval

pdfMap 1 - Catchment Plan (PDF 23KB)

pdfMap 2 - 20% AEP Flood - 5 year ARI (PDF 23.4Mb) 

pdfMap 3 - 10% AEP Flood - 10 year ARI (PDF 23.6Mb)

pdfMap 4 - 5% AEP Flood - 20 year ARI (PDF 24.1Mb)

pdfMap 5 - 2% AEP Flood - 50 year ARI (PDF 24.3Mb)

pdfMap 6 - 1% AEP Flood - 100 year ARI (PDF 24.6Mb)

pdfMap 7 - 0.5% AEP Flood - 200 year ARI (PDF 24.3Mb)

pdfMap 8 - Probable Maximum Flood (PMF) (PDF 28.4Mb)

Last Updated: October 4th, 2019
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