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Volunteers planting treesThere are many ways for people to get involved in helping conserve and protect our unique environment. 

In addition to the numerous community groups that focus on a range of environmental issues, residents are able to actively participate in Council-supported programs:


A program that integrates the community with the management of bushland. Members of the community are welcome to play an active role in bushland rehabilitation and assist Council with management issues related to the reserves.

linkBushcare (internal link)

Community Gardens

Community Gardens encourage communities and residents to create a more self-provisioning economy by growing their own food. 

linkCommunity Gardens (internal link)

Habitat for Wildlife

Habitat for Wildlife is about providing a backyard garden that is wildlife friendly, and is for people who live in towns and villages in the Shire and who love native animals. 

linkHabitat for Wildlife (internal link)

Land for Wildlife

A voluntary program which aims to encourage and assist private landholders to provide habitats for wildlife on their property (minimum area 0.5 hectare / approx. 1 acre), even though the property may be managed primarily for other purposes. 

linkLand for Wildlife (internal link)

Private Land Conservation

Council can provide financial assistance for landholders to retain remnant endangered ecological communities on their property with the aim of conserving wildlife habitat and to create corridors of vegetation within the Shire.

linkPrivate Land Conservation (internal link)

Environmental Events

Council supports and promotes a number of events each year with the support of the Environment Levy:
linkSchools Environment Day (internal link)
linkWorld Environment Week (internal link)
linkCleanUp Australia Day (internal link)
linkNational Tree Day (internal link)
linkThreatened Species Day (internal link) 
linkHousehold Chemical CleanOut (internal link)

Last Updated: January 23rd, 2019
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