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Project Management at Council

What steps is Council taking to improve project management?

Council acknowledges that challenges and delays have been experienced with the delivery of grant-funded projects when only high-level planning has been used as the basis of a funding application.

Significant work has recently been undertaken by Council Officers to develop a risk assessment framework to assist project scoping and budget development for future projects.

The ability to satisfactorily undertake adequate scoping and budget development for large infrastructure projects, such as the Station Street Upgrade and Berrima Road Deviation Projects represents a significant cost to Council. Such scoping can only be achieved by undertaking a full detailed design in consultation with the various external agencies that may impact the project.

For example, the design development costs associated with the Berrima Road Deviation Project have amounted to approximately $500,000. This represents a significant cost to Council for a project that, if a grant application had not been successful, may remain unfunded for a number of years before a funding opportunity becomes available.

This will remain challenging for Council, however where the level of risk (financial and operational) is considered too high, Council Officers will advise Councillors of this risk and any mitigating strategies.

Moving forward, Council Officers will identify any additional budget funding required for large scale infrastructure projects to ensure that cost escalation is factored in as part of the annual budget process. While this will remain challenging, it is one of the key contributing factors to the current budget situation for both the Station Street and Berrima Road projects.

Council will make approaches to State Government agencies about the possibility of obtaining funding for design development for significant projects.

Last Updated: June 5th, 2019
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