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Foyer Gallery

Foyer Gallery

Opening Hours & Location

The Foyer Gallery is in the Civic Centre, Elizabeth Street Moss Vale and is open 8.30 am - 4.30 pm Monday to Friday.

Current Exhibition - Foyer Gallery

Ingrid Skirka - Parliament of Owls

“Be challenged by this creature from the next world, from dark places, this messenger between life and death, the mystical owl.”

An intrigue of kittens, a loveliness of lady-beetles, a murder of crows, a ballet of swans, a knot of snakes, an exaltation of larks; collective nouns of assembly are tiny poems. Welcome to Parliament of Owls, in the foyer exhibition space, at Moss Vale Council Chambers for the month of November. 

A Festival of Owls

“I am hoping that people visiting this exhibition will be able to get some clarity in the presence of the collective wisdom of the parliament I have created. We have failed the owls and our wider environment, and may continue to do so. Perhaps instead of environment we should say, we are failing at managing our shared resources. We share our resources not just among humans but with other creatures, with wild things.

Owl fossils date back to around 75 million years, the oldest humans are around a half million years old. In this exhibition the owls respond to the state of things and regard the viewer. Only one of the owls I’ve painted reminds me of a political figure. As I was painting it, I kept thinking that it was so familiar. I couldn’t place them until I’d finished painting it. Fire Owl reminds me of Greta Thunberg the 16-year-old climate activist from Sweden who has been striking every Friday outside her Parliament.”

Red OwlWhite Owl

Ingrid Skirka studied at the College of Fine Arts, University of NSW and University of Wollongong. Her diverse career has included painting stage sets, teaching, and extensive community involvement in projects ranging from performances and music festivals to collaborative murals and painting collections. In 2002 Premier Bob Carr opened her exhibition held in NSW Parliament House, Olympic Construction Art Exhibition. The late Bernie Banton unveiled her memorial to Australian Workers, Memory Lines which is in Reflection Park Sydney, 2004 on International Day of Mourning.

For information or to purchase artwork please contact:

Ingrid Skirka


Telephone: 0423 487 701 during business hours.

Current Exhibition - Exhibition Cabinet

Ingrid Skirka - Femme-Bouteilles

Installation of small glass bottles painted acrylic and varnish.

Femme-Bouteilles, 2019 sold separately~ $79.00 each.

Femme Bouteilles

“We interrupt this exhibition with a peaceful, silent protest.
What are we protesting? Everything that women must fight for to have decent life.”

“Femme-Bouteille” features a female nude painted by Belgian surrealist René Magritte. It was one of a series of painted nudes on wine bottles when canvas was in short supply due to austerity measures in 1940 or 1941, for the war effort. In the studio, artists looked around for alternative surfaces to paint on.

Femme Bouteille

In 2019 the fastest growing demographic for people at risk of being unhoused are women aged over 50. It is a State Government issue to make sure people are housed. Today there is more than a 30% rise in the number of grandmothers, mothers, aunts and sisters sleeping in their cars, couch surfing or accessing crisis accommodation since 2011. 

Spending cuts, or austerity measures, have an overwhelmingly disproportionate effect on women and girls. Current economic models depend on women’s undervalued and unacknowledged workforce. 

Rene Magritte (1898-1967) “Femme-Bouteille”, circa1941, oil on glass bottle, height 28cm, SOLD 2016 Christie’s, NY, $725,000.

For information please contact: 

Ingrid Skirka

Email: iskirka@gmail.com

Telephone: 0423 487 701 during business hours. 

Apply to Exhibit

To exhibit in either the Foyer Gallery or the Exhibition Cabinet, please complete the Arts Foyer Exhibition Application and send along with any supporting images and flyers (if applicable) to:

Cultural Development Officer

Telephone: 02 4868 0855 

EmailFoyer Gallery Enquiries


DownloadArts Foyer Exhibition Application

Note: To fill in forms online we recommend downloading and saving the form first before editing the content in Adobe Reader. For assistance in filling in forms visit the Adobe website.

Mayoral Cabinet 

St Paul’s Catholic Parish Primary School, Moss Vale

Parish Priest, Monsignor Lynch, established St Paul’s Catholic Parish Primary School on its present site in December 1947 with students commencing in the January of 1948.The Christian Vision and Catholic culture of the school developed from its pastoral association with the Josephite and Dominican traditions. From 1891 Dominican Sisters staffed the school in the old school house on the grounds of St Paul’s International College. Previous to this the Sisters of St Joseph, before moving to Mittagong, educated students at Kalingan House from 1884. 


The Dominican motto is Veritas (truth) and the maxim is “To pray, to Preach, to Bless.” The school motto “All to All” comes from St Paul’s letter to the Corinthians. Today the emphasis of prayer, teaching and appreciation of God’s Blessings is evident in the daily life of the school as it continues to build on the foundations layed by the Sisters.Today St Paul’s is a one-stream school with an enrolment of approximately 170 students from Moss Vale and the southern outlying areas. 

Art Cabinet

The school is a Catholic Parish Systemic school in the Diocese of Wollongong, administered by the Wollongong Catholic Education Office under the direction of the Bishop of Wollongong, Bishop Peter Ingham.

Chinese Dragons

Website: www.spmvdow.catholic.edu.au 

Telephone: 02 4868 1064 

Email: info@spmvdow.catholic.edu.au

2019 Themes

Each month the theme of the cabinet will change. The themes for the remainder of the year are:





To apply to exhibit in the Mayoral Cabinet School Art program, please read the Program Information below and complete the Arts Foyer Schools Exhibitor Application and send to:

Cultural Development Officer

Telephone: 02 4868 0855

Email: Foyer Gallery Enquiries

PDFMayoral Cabinet School Art Program Information for Exhibitors

PDFArts Foyer Schools Exhibitor Application

Note: To fill in forms online we recommend downloading and saving the form first before editing the content in Adobe Reader. For assistance in filling in forms visit the Adobe website.

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