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Foyer Gallery

Foyer Gallery

Opening Hours & Location

The Foyer Gallery is in the Civic Centre, Elizabeth Street Moss Vale and is open 8.30 am - 4.30 pm Monday to Friday.

Current Exhibition - Foyer Gallery
Interchange Australia

Artwork 1Artwork 1

Interchange Australia provides services designed to meet individual needs which enhance Independence, Health and Wellness, Socialisation and Leisure, Life and Learning and Education in both the Disability and Aged Care sectors.

One of the many services Interchange Australia provides is our Day Options program which runs Monday to Friday 52 weeks per year. The Day Options program incorporates an extensive range of highly engaging, hands on learning experiences which are tailored to meet each individual’s NDIS goals.


“Creative Creations” art program is one of the many classes which runs on a weekly basis at each Interchange Australia Campus. Throughout this program our clients learn to express themselves through art, these classes are led by our highly experienced support staff under the guidance where required by Support Worker and Artist Bradley Dengate.

At Creative Creations everyone is a budding artist and is presented with the opportunity to develop their creative and artistic abilities using various materials and media through a combination of in-house workshops and external artistic projects. 

Inspiration for a number of artworks developed is drawn from around the local communities in which our campuses are based as well as Australian natural landscapes, we also however recognise that each client has differing tastes when it comes to art and we encourage everyone to express these preferences in the work they do.

We hope that you enjoy the wide variety of work developed through Interchange Australia’s Creative Creations program, if you would like to purchase any of these artworks or would like more information on the wonderful programs and services offered at Interchange please visit our website www.interchangeau.org or call our office on 02 4868 6688.

Half of the proceeds from all sales will go to assisting those affected by bush fires, with the balance going towards Interchange Australia purchasing their own kiln so they can start working on pottery in-house.


Current Exhibition - Exhibition Cabinet

Disability Services Australia - A Celebration of Abilities

The aim of the exhibition is to celebrate the talents and showcase the works created by people with a wide range of disabilities using various mediums. 


For information please contact: 

Emily Stirton

Email: estirton@dsa.org.au

Apply to Exhibit

To exhibit in either the Foyer Gallery or the Exhibition Cabinet, please complete the Arts Foyer Exhibition Application and send along with any supporting images and flyers (if applicable) to:

Cultural Development Officer

Telephone: 02 4868 0855 

EmailFoyer Gallery Enquiries


DownloadArts Foyer Exhibition Application

Note: To fill in forms online we recommend downloading and saving the form first before editing the content in Adobe Reader. For assistance in filling in forms visit the Adobe website.

Mayoral Cabinet 

St Paul’s Catholic Parish Primary School, Moss Vale

Parish Priest, Monsignor Lynch, established St Paul’s Catholic Parish Primary School on its present site in December 1947 with students commencing in the January of 1948.The Christian Vision and Catholic culture of the school developed from its pastoral association with the Josephite and Dominican traditions. From 1891 Dominican Sisters staffed the school in the old school house on the grounds of St Paul’s International College. Previous to this the Sisters of St Joseph, before moving to Mittagong, educated students at Kalingan House from 1884. 


The Dominican motto is Veritas (truth) and the maxim is “To pray, to Preach, to Bless.” The school motto “All to All” comes from St Paul’s letter to the Corinthians. Today the emphasis of prayer, teaching and appreciation of God’s Blessings is evident in the daily life of the school as it continues to build on the foundations layed by the Sisters.Today St Paul’s is a one-stream school with an enrolment of approximately 170 students from Moss Vale and the southern outlying areas. 

Art Cabinet

The school is a Catholic Parish Systemic school in the Diocese of Wollongong, administered by the Wollongong Catholic Education Office under the direction of the Bishop of Wollongong, Bishop Peter Ingham.

Chinese Dragons

Website: www.spmvdow.catholic.edu.au 

Telephone: 02 4868 1064 

Email: info@spmvdow.catholic.edu.au

2019 Themes

Each month the theme of the cabinet will change. The themes for the remainder of the year are:





To apply to exhibit in the Mayoral Cabinet School Art program, please read the Program Information below and complete the Arts Foyer Schools Exhibitor Application and send to:

Cultural Development Officer

Telephone: 02 4868 0855

Email: Foyer Gallery Enquiries

PDFMayoral Cabinet School Art Program Information for Exhibitors

PDFArts Foyer Schools Exhibitor Application

Note: To fill in forms online we recommend downloading and saving the form first before editing the content in Adobe Reader. For assistance in filling in forms visit the Adobe website.

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Last Updated: December 5th, 2019
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