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Foyer Gallery

Opening Hours & Location

The Foyer Gallery is in the Civic Centre, Elizabeth Street Moss Vale and is open 8.30 am - 4.30 pm Monday to Friday.

Current Exhibition - Foyer Gallery


That fleeting moment when you catch animals being majestic, being beautiful, being themselves.

Welcome to my exhibition.

While living in the Highlands just over 20 years now, I have had the pleasure of encountering many fleeting moments with the beautiful animals in our area; during evening walks, misty morning school drop offs, late night drives back from bonfire night. Sometimes the animals are caught out by our arrival, sometimes it is us that get surprised! Either way, it is a magical experience each and every time.

I have enjoyed moments with each of these animals in my exhibition with one exception - that illusive hare!

Corinne Dany

HareOwl in flight

Visit the foyer exhibition to view more exhibits or email Corinne at info@corinnedany.com for further information. 

Exhibition Cabinet 

Revisit Revise

Revisit Revise exhibition explores cultural and social change, identity and fashion that has influenced the development of textile and fibre arts expression today. Two major installations focus on themes of identity in clothing, and, reuse of discarded, unwanted material which would otherwise become landfill.


The first focusses on the classic white formal shirt, a widely and readily familiar object with considerable historical cultural significance to diverse social groups. 

Network members have taken the rigid collars and cuffs of the formal white shirt and altered their style and detailing to reflect on decorative elements of clothing both pre- and post- the advent of the classic white shirt.

Shirt cuffsWhite shirt

The second installation examines re-use of waste materials in the form of two major sculptural pieces and clothing to be featured in our “Art to Wear” parade.

Textile bowl

The opening and “Art to Wear” parade is on Saturday 17th August at 1pm.

For further information contact:

Southern Highlands Textile & Fibre Network Inc. 


Website: www.shtfn.org 

Apply to Exhibit

To exhibit in either the Foyer Gallery or the Exhibition Cabinet, please complete the Arts Foyer Exhibition Application and send along with any supporting images and flyers (if applicable) to:

Cultural Development Officer

Telephone: 02 4868 0855 

EmailFoyer Gallery Enquiries


DownloadArts Foyer Exhibition Application

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Mayoral Cabinet - School Art Program

A special thank you to the teachers and children at 

St. Thomas Aquinas School who supplied the artwork for our Giraffes Can’t Dance theme this month. 

Giraffes cant dance artworkIntroduction text

Giraffes Can’t Dance – Year 2 Blue, Mr. Liam Adams

Giraffes Can’t Dance In Year 2 at St Thomas Aquinas Primary School, our amazing students have been learning about many different art forms and techniques. During their latest project students are encouraged to explore narrative devices by creating artworks and illustrated stories derived from their experience, imagination and other events in their lives. The students drew on ideas from artworks, cartoons, illustrated books and other books, videos and films. In this instance, the students enjoyed reading the story of Gerald the giraffe in ‘Giraffes Can’t Dance’ by Giles Andreae and Guy Parker-Rees. Students created their giraffe by drawing simple shapes to represent the body, arms, legs and neck. The goal was to give the illusion that Gerald was moving so selection of shapes was considered. Proportion was important here to ensure the giraffe firstly was an adequate size for the artwork and secondly resembled a giraffe. The students then used textas to add colour to their giraffe. The second part of the artwork involved creating the moonlit night sky and grass using paint. Students experimented with mixing blue, purple and white paint to create the night sky and moon. For the grass students used green paint over yellow then used the back of their paintbrush to give the grass a textured appearance. To finish, the students cut out their gyrating giraffes and pasted them onto the moonlit background.

St Thomas School IntroductionExhibition

St. Thomas Aquinas School was first opened in 1903 by the Daughters of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart in rented premises near Bowral railway line. Within a few years the number of pupils had risen to fifty, and a stone cottage behind the former church of St. Thomas Aquinas in Banyette Street was bought. Numbers continued to grow and in 1939, parents made a plea to the Sisters for secondary classes as well. It was obvious that the numbers would be few, so a pre-fabricated one-room building was erected in the corner of the primary school playground. Enrolments grew to about 20 and this friendly little secondary school survived for a number of years. It ceased to exist when pupils decreased especially after the opening of Chevalier Boys' Secondary College in Bowral in 1946.In the meantime the small stone primary school had become seriously overcrowded. In 1943, a new parish school was erected in Bundaroo Street, staffed by the Sisters. Further additions were made to this in the 1970's. In 1991 a school hall, kitchen, canteen and lunch area were completed, and 1994 saw an addition of four extra classrooms. In 2002 a new block containing four classrooms and multi-purpose area was built to improve the learning and teaching facilities in the school. The school has an enrolment of approximately 420 children, with 2 parallel classes in each year level.

2019 Themes

Each month the theme of the cabinet will change. The themes for the remainder of the year are:








My Dad



To apply to exhibit in the Mayoral Cabinet School Art program, please read the Program Information below and complete the Arts Foyer Schools Exhibitor Application and send to:

Cultural Development Officer

Telephone: 02 4868 0855

Email: Foyer Gallery Enquiries

PDFMayoral Cabinet School Art Program Information for Exhibitors

PDFArts Foyer Schools Exhibitor Application

Note: To fill in forms online we recommend downloading and saving the form first before editing the content in Adobe Reader. For assistance in filling in forms visit the Adobe website.

Last Updated: August 13th, 2019
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