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Make a Food-Related Complaint

To make a food complaint about retail businesses (except butchers) or food poisoning affecting one household, contact:

Wingecarribee Shire Council Customer Service

Telephone: 02 4868 0888


To make a food complaint about butchers, food poisoning in more than one household, or other issues relating to food safety and labelling, contact:

NSW Food Authority
Telephone: 1300 552 406
Online: Food Complaint Form

Commencing a Food Business

It is a requirement of the Food Act 2003 and Food Standards Code that food businesses must notify the appropriate regulatory agency before they commence operations.

Food businesses that are regulated by Council are required to notify their business details to Council by using Notification of Food Business form.

This applies to any retail food businesses with the exception of retail butchers.

Examples of food businesses that are regulated by Council include:

  • cafes
  • retail bakeries
  • restaurants
  • take away shops
  • pubs/clubs
  • caterers
  • supermarkets
  • groceries
  • convenience stores
  • school and college canteens; and
  • childcare facilities that provide food

Water Carters - businesses operating as a Portable Water Carter are recognised as a food business under the Food Act NSW and are required to notify council under legislation. Water Carters refer to Water Filling Stations for further information.

Food Business Notification Form (PDF, 73kb)

Other types of food businesses are regulated directly by the NSW Food Authority, and businesses are required to submit their Food Business Notifications to them. These include:

  • food wholesalers;
  • food manufacturers, including home-based food businesses; and
  • food businesses that require a food safety licence.

Food Business Notification to the NSW Food Authority.

Construction and Set-up of Food Premises

Council's requirements for the establishment, construction and set-up of new food premises and the renovation of existing premises.

PDFFood premises design, construction and fit-out guide (PDF, 4.4MB)

Food Safety Supervisor Requirement

NSW food legislation requires that certain types of food businesses must have a certified Food Safety Supervisor.

Guideline to Food Safety Supervisor Requirements in English, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Turkish and Vietnamese

Home-Based Food Businesses

Home-based food businesses that prepare food for off-site catering or to be sold at markets, fêtes, local shops etc. fall into the category of food manufacturers and wholesalers. Such businesses are regulated directly by the NSW Food Authority.

Manufacturing, preparation or other handling of food at home for commercial purposes may require a Development Application (DA) to be lodged with Council. 

Persons wishing to start manufacturing cakes at home should contact Council’s Town Planning team and enquire whether they’d be required to lodge a DA.

Temporary Food Stalls

Guidelines for Food Stalls and Food Handling at temporary events such as markets, festivals and fairs:

PDFGuidelines for food businesses at temporary events

PDFFood safety requirements for charitable and not-for-profit              organisations

For further information, please visit the Food Authority website. 

Food Hygiene Information for Charity Groups & Volunteers

The following links provide specific information for charity groups wishing to hold a sausage sizzle event:

link Sausage sizzles and barbeques  Food Standards Australia 

External link Food safety requirements for charitable and not-for-profit organisations -NSW Food Authority 

Safe Use of Raw Egg Products

Use of raw egg products increases the risk of Salmonella infection.

These detailed guidelines outline how to prepare raw egg products safely:

linkFood Safety Guidelines for the Preparation of Raw Egg Products 

Last Updated: February 25th, 2020
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