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Environmental Weeds

environmental Weeds

What are Environmental Weeds?

Environmental weeds are plants that continually invade and threaten our diverse bushland, wetlands and other natural areas. Many environmental weeds originate in home gardens.

Environmental weeds are distinct from noxious weeds in that noxious weeds are acknowledged as the most serious weeds in the environment, and landholders are required under state laws to control them.

However, environmental weeds also cause major problems in the local environment and should also be controlled. By controlling environmental weeds now, we can prevent them from becoming more damaging to our environment in the future.

Environmental Weeds in the Southern Highlands 

Council's brochure Environmental Weeds in the Southern Highlands profiles the 15 worst environmental weeds in the Southern Highlands, as well as providing a list of recommended alternative native and exotic plants for your garden. 

Environmental Weed Photo - Elizabeth Bennetts

pdfEnvironmental Weeds in the Southern Highlands (PDF, 2MB)

A basic listing of environmental weeds in the Southern Highlands and Council's suggested alternatives for your garden is provided below:

pdfEnvironmental Weeds List Feb 2013  (PDF, 80kB)

Other documents relating to environmental weeds:

pdfEnglish Ivy a growing problem (PDF, 1.11MB)

Last Updated: October 22nd, 2019
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