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State of the Environment Report

Berrima Dee Kramer

Under the Local Government Act, Councils are required to include a 

local State of the Environment Report (SOE) in their annual report in the year in which an ordinary election of councillors is to be held.

This report provides a summary of the local environmental issues relevant to the objectives established in the Wingecarribee Community Strategic Plan 2031+. The report also includes an update on local environmental impacts and ongoing trends in environmental indicators over time.

Every other year the annual report will include reporting on environmental objectives relevant to Council’s Operational Plan for that year.

Past State of the Environment Reports



 State of the Environment Report 2012/2016


PDFState of the Environment Report 2011/12  (PDF, MB)


PDFState of the Environment Report 2010/11 (PDF, 661kB)



PDFState of the Environment Report 2009/10 (PDF, 279kB)



PDFState of the Environment Report 2008/09 (PDF, 275kB)


PDFState of the Environment Report 2007/08 (PDF, 120kB)

Last Updated: August 29th, 2019
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