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Street Tree Master Plan

The Wingecarribee Street Tree Master Plan 2016 has been developed to ensure that the on going management of our street trees occur in a manner that is reflective of the needs of local residents. The Master Plan considers the collective ecological, environmental, economic, cultural and social contributions of Wingecarribee’s street trees.

The objective of the Master Plan is to provide a sustainable and strategic framework for Wingecarribee Shire Council. The Master Plan will work to ensure appropriate street tree planning, maintenance, enhancement and reinforcement of Wingecarribee’s ongoing commitment to the protection and planting of street trees.

Through the implementation of this Master Plan, Council will continue to provide a population of street trees that beautify and define our urban environment today and into the future.

You can download the entire Street Tree Master Plan and Implementation Plan here:

PDFWSC Street Tree Master Plan 2016 (PDF, 24MB)

PDFStreet Tree Implementation Plan (PDF, 4 MB)

Alternatively please view sections of the plan as shown below.

1 Introduction (PDF 4.6MB)

2 Street Trees and the Urban Environment (PDF 3.8MB)

3 Tree Species Selection (PDF 3.3MB)

4 Street Tree Placement and Design Guidelines (PDF 3.2MB)

5 Urban Centre Plans and Proposed Street Tree Species

Main Urban Centres


• Large Villages (PDF 6.8MB)

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Last Updated: April 30th, 2020
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