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The Wingecarribee Shire is fortunate in having diverse plant community types, plants and animals and is considered a biodiversity hot-spot. 

Council has care and control of more than 40 remnant bush land reserves in excess of 4000 hectares, as well as caring for a number of significant watercourses and wetlands.

Volunteer Bush Regenerators play an essential role in Council’s management of this bush land. This role is primarily concerned with maintenance of high-value bush land and regeneration of degraded bush land areas within the Shire.

Each year, Bushcare, Rivercare, and Landcare volunteers from 18 active groups contribute several thousands of hours of volunteer bush regeneration and native plant propagation work. This equates to around $120 000 and between 3000-7000 native plants that are propagated and planted out each year. This contribution helps Council leverage additional funding from agencies to do the complicated or hard physical work, such as rope work on cliff faces, or willow poisoning and removal.

The Bushcare Program is integrated with the work of Council staff, contractors and other community groups and is complementary to private land conservation, which all contribute to biodiversity outcomes for this shire.


Find Your Nearest Bushcare/Rivercare Group!

The days listed are for each month unless otherwise specified. Find links at the bottom of this page for more information


Berrima Bushcare Group1st & 3rd Mon 9.30am


Hammock Hill Bushcare Group - 2nd Fri 9am

Mansfield Reserve Bushcare Group - 4th Wed 9am

Mittagong Creek Rivercare Group - 2nd Thu 9am

Mount Gibraltar Bushcare and Landcare Group - Every Thu 9am


Glow Worm Glen Track -  2nd Sun 9.30am

Unmade Governors Road - 4th Tue 9am

Leaver Park Bushcare Group - 2nd Thu 9am

Reedy Creek Rivercare Group - 1st Wed 9am


Wingecarribee Rivercare Group - Burradoo - 3rd Fri 9.30am

Wingecarribee Rivercare GroupWingecarribee Rivercare Group 


Burrawang Bushcare Group - 4th Wed 9am


Hilltop Bushcare Group - Last Sun 9am


Mount Alexandra Reserve Bushcare Group - 4th Thu 9am

Mount Gibraltar Landcare Bushcare Group - 1st, 2nd & 3rd Thu

Moss Vale

Moss Vale Landcare Group - 4th Fri 8.30am & 2nd Sat 9am

Moss Vale Depot Community Nursery - 1st Sat 9am


Mount Alexandra Reserve Bushcare Group - 4th Thu 9am

Rotary Park Bushcare Group - meets on an as needs basis


Yerrinbool Bushcare Group - First Fri 9am

Other Local Groups


Penrose Swamp Landcare Group (Forestry Corporation) - 4th Thu 8.30am


Robertson Nature Reserve (NPWS) - 1st Wed 9.30am

Caalang Creek, Hampden Park - Last Sat 9.30am

REPSRobertson Environment Protection Society 

Get Involved!

PDFWingecarribee Bushcare Brochure (PDF, 0.75 MB)
PDFVolunteer Application Form - Bushcare and Rivercare (PDF, 0.75 MB) 
PDFRequest to Establish a Bushcare Group Form (PDF, 0.15 MB)

There are many benefits in becoming a Bushcare or Rivercare volunteer, including access to a social network and fresh air and exercise!

Council's Bushcare Program is designed to integrate the community with the management of bush land and our waterways. Members of the community are welcome to play an active role in restoration and rehabilitation.

For more information on how or where to volunteer with your local Bushcare or Rivercare group, contact:

Environment Officer - Bushcare and Citizen Science

Telephone: (02) 4868-0772 (Monday to Friday)

Bushcare Resources

All new Bushcare volunteers need to be registered and given a safety induction before commencing any work on site. The safety of our volunteers and staff is very important to Council, so please speak up and bring any hazards to the attention of the Bushcare staff and/or Group Convenor if you are concerned about anything at all.

The Bushcare Volunteer Management Manual is your reference document, see a link to this and other resources below. 

Bushcare Resources Web PageBushcare Resources Web Page

Past Bushcare/Rivercare/Landcare Events

Landcare/Bushcare Bus Tour of Upper Lachlan - 21 March 2018

This third and final bus tour for Bushcare and Landcare volunteers from Wingecaribee, Goulburn-Mulwaree and Upper Lachlan shires was highly enjoyable for all involved. Volunteers toured several Landcare properties in the Upper Lachlan Shire, including a Whole of Paddock Restoration site and an example of regenerative agriculture being used on a large sheep property. The lunch was a highlight with interesting talks on the newly formed NSW Biodiversity Conservation Trust, the Southern Pygmy Perch Project and a fox baiting project. 

South-East Champions Bus Tour of Goulburn - 29 Nov 2017

A bus tour from Moss Vale joined Upper Lachlan and Goulburn-Mulwaree volunteers at the Gouburn Water Works for a warm welcome and morning tea, before touring the West Goulburn Bush Reserve and Goulburn Wetlands. Champions were recognised for their outstanding achievements and efforts over many years at a lunch at the Astor Hotel. Read more about these champions by downloading the booklet below or click on the external link to see the short videos for each champion:

PDFSE Champions Tour Booklet (PDF, 1.0 Mb)

linkLandcare Champions of the South-East Videos 

Bus Tour of Berrima and Moss Vale - 6 Sep 2017

A successful bus tour the Community Nursery and talks on the Southern Highlands Koala ConservationProject and the Conservation Partnerships Program was well-received by volunteers from Goulburn/Mulwaree and Upper Lachlan Shires. A Goulburn Post media article can be accessed below at the link:

Berrima and Moss Vale Bushcare Sites Tour Bushcare Berrima & Moss Vale sites tour

PDF icon Berrima - Moss Vale Bushcare Tour (PDF 470 Kb)

Bus Tour of Bundanoon and Penrose - 24 March 2017

A bus tour of six sites was enjoyed by volunteers. A report can be downloaded here: 

 Tour of Bundanoon-Penrose Bushcare sites  (PDF 460 Kb)

Bushcare Sites Resources 
Meeting times

Glow Worm Glen Bushcare   Bundanoon

pdf symbolGlow Worm Glen track brochure (PDF 500 Kb)

PDF icon

Unmade Governors Road brochure (560 Kb)

2nd Sunday of the month at Glow Worm Glen track

4th Tuesday of the month at Unmade Governors Road

Mt Gibraltar Landcare Bushcare   Bowral/Mittagong

PDF Mt Gibraltar Heritage Quarries Booklet (PDF 770 Kb)

  linkAbout Mt Gibraltar Reserve

link About the Heritage Quarries Restoration Project

1st, 2nd & 3rd Thursday of the month

Rotary Park APS Bushcare   Mittagong

  March 2016 Planting Day

PDFRotary Park planting day Nov 2014 (PDF 900 Kb)

PDFRotary Park Bushcare Plan (PDF 830 Kb)
planting events on an ad hoc basis - contact us for details

Last Updated: April 3rd, 2019
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