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Our local environment is unique, with rich biodiversity, complex ecosystems, intricate waterways, a wide variety of landforms, soils and generous living conditions. 

The Southern Highlands is also home to over 370 native mammal, reptile and bird species, making it one of the most diverse regions in Australia.

With over 7,200km of waterways, the Shire is also an important water catchment region for both our environment and drinking water supplies. With a landscape that includes rainforests, escarpment forests, woodlands, unique villages and farm land, our environment is highly valued by our Community.

This section contains further information about:

Flora & Fauna

linkThreatened & endangered flora & fauna


linkBushland Reserves

linkEnvironmental Weeds

linkNoxious Weeds

linkTree hollows

linkPlant guide to the Southern Highlands 

linkBird watching in the Southern Highlands 



linkCommon (Indian) Myna Birds

linkEuropean Wasps

LinkInsect pests

Pollution Information

linkEPA Licenses

linkErosion & Sediment Control


linkWhats that in the water


linkReducing Wood Smoke in Winter

linkBackyard Burning

Waterwatch Program

Last Updated: August 28th, 2019
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