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Hazard Reduction Burns

Hazard Reduction Burns

Hazard reduction burns are used to reduce undergrowth and ground fuels in strategic areas of bush land. This work can assist in reducing the intensity of bush fires should they occur in these areas and improve the ability to manage the impact of potential wildfires across the Shire. Planning and delivery of hazard reduction burns is facilitated through the Wollondilly-Wingecarribee Bushfire Management Committee in accordance with the Wollondilly / Wingecarribee Bush Fire Risk Management Plan.

Hazard reduction burns for 2020 are currently being scheduled for the Wingecarribee Shire and will be listed here prior to the burn occurring. Direct neighbour notifications, as required under the Rural Fires Act, are undertaken prior to the burn.

Further advice regarding planned and current hazard reduction burns in NSW is available from:

Link NSW Rural Fire Service's Hazard Reductions page.

Simply use the search / zoom tools to identify your location in the Wingecarribee Shire. Proposed burn areas and the timing displayed on the map is dynamic and will change frequently in response to changes to the scheduling of the burn by the Agency delivering the burn e.g. NSW Rural Fire Service or Fire and Rescue NSW.

Precautions for Residents During Burns

Residents around the hazard reduction burn areas are reminded to take the following precautions:

  • Keep doors and windows closed to prevent smoke entering homes.
  • Keep outdoor furniture under cover to prevent ember burns.
  • Retract pool covers to prevent ember damage.
  • Remove washing from clotheslines.
  • Ensure pets have a protected area.
  • In smoky areas vehicles must slow down, keep windows up and turn headlights on.
  • Sightseers must keep away from hazard reduction burns for their own safety.

Further Information

For further information in relation to hazard reduction burns on Council land, contact:

Environment Officer - Bushfire Management

Telephone: 02 4868 0888

Recently Completed Hazard Reduction Burns

Date: 01/06/19

Name: Mt Alex Unit 35
Location: Sunset Point Drive, Mittagong
Area: 9Ha

Date: 31/05/19
Name: Mt Gibraltar Unit 2 & 8
Location: Railway Parade, Mittagong
Area: 3.2Ha

Date: 13/05/19
Name: Boronia Park Unit 1 & 2
Location: Boronia Park, Hilltop
Area: 10Ha

Date: 13/04/19
Name: Yerrinbool Unit 4
Location: Andes St, Yerrinbool
Area: 4.5Ha

Date: 13/04/19
Name: Mt Alex Unit 28 & 29
Location: Colo St, Welby
Area: 10.5Ha

Last Updated: October 10th, 2019
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