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Engineering Standards

Engineering Standards

The following links provide information about good engineering practice and details the standards and requirements that need to be met in the design, construction, and development of infrastructure assets in the Wingecarribee Shire Council area.

Civil Standard drawingsSummary of Inspections, Tests & Documentation

Engineering Specifications and Guidelines Part 1 - Design

PDFEngineering Standards Specifications - Planning Guidelines - Part One Design.pdf (1.8MB)

Development Design Specifications

PDFD1 - Geometric Road Design.pdf (1.3MB)

PDFD2 - Pavement Design.pdf (647KB)
PDFD3 - Structures Bridge Design.pdf (282KB)
PDFD4 - Subsurface Drainage Design.pdf (460KB)
PDFD5 - Stormwater Drainage Design.pdf (1.2MB)
PDFD6 - Site Regrading.pdf (365KB)
PDFD7 - Erosion Control and Stormwater Management.pdf (1MB)
PDFD8 - Cycleway and Pathway Design.pdf (268KB)
PDFD9 - Public Lighting.pdf (645KB)
PDFD11 - Water Reticulation.pdf (896KB)
PDFD12 - Sewerage System.pdf (955KB)

PDFAppendix One Design Principles.pdf (1.3MB)

Engineering Specifications and Guidelines Part 2 - Construction

PDFEngineering Standards Specifications - Planning Guidelines - Part Two - Construction.pdf (462KB)

Development Construction Specifications

PDFC201 - Control of traffic.pdf (755KB)
PDFC211 - Control of Erosion and Sedimentation.pdf (441KB)

PDFC212 - Clearing and Grubbing.pdf (180KB)
PDFC213 - Earthworks.pdf (1.2MB)
PDFC220 - Stormwater Drainage General.pdf (307KB)
PDFC221 - Pipe Drainage.pdf (866KB)
PDFC222 - Precast Box Culverts.pdf (327KB)
PDFC223 - Drainage Structures.pdf (243KB)
PDFC224 - Open Drains including Kerb and Gutter.pdf (476KB)
PDFC230 - Subsurface Drainage General.pdf (481KB)
PDFC231 - Subsoil and Foundation Drains.pdf (307KB)
PDFC232 - Pavement Drains.pdf (496KB)
PDFC233 - Drainage Mats.pdf (274KB)
PDFC241 - Stabilisation.pdf (733KB)
PDFC242 - Flexible Pavements.pdf (1.3MB)
PDFC244 - Sprayed Bituminous Surfacing.pdf (862KB)
PDFC245 - Asphaltic Concrete.pdf (1.8MB)
PDFC247 - Mass Concrete Subbase.pdf (1.3MB)
PDFC248 - Plain or Reinforced Concrete Base.pdf (2.1MB)
PDFC254 - Segmental Paving.pdf (555KB)
PDFC255 - Bituminous Mircosurfacing.pdf (578KB)
PDFC261 - Pavement Markings.pdf (638KB)
PDFC262 - Signposting.pdf (572KB)
PDFC263 - Guideposts.pdf (298KB)
PDFC264 - Guardfence.pdf (331KB)
PDFC265 - Boundary Fencing.pdf (550KB)
PDFC271 - Minor Concrete Works.pdf (1.4MB)
PDFC273 - Landscaping.pdf (694KB)
PDFC401 - Water Reticulation.pdf (1.2MB)
PDFC402 - Sewerage System.pdf (1.9MB)
PDFCQC - Quality Control Requirement.pdf (273KB)
PDFCQS - Quality System Requirements.pdf (1.2MB)
PDFCQS-C - Quality System Requirements.pdf (1.4MB)

Engineering Specifications and Guidelines Part 3 - Asset Handover and Work as Executed Specifications

PDFWork as Executed plans specifications and attribute requirements

(PDF, 738kB)

PDF Appendix 1 Buildings WAEx Standard Attribute Table (PDF, 221kB)

 PDFAppendix 2 Parks WAEx Standard Attribute Table (PDF, 221kB) 

 PDFAppendix 3 Road WAEx Standard Attribute Table (PDF, 225kB)

 PDFAppendix 4 Drainage WAEx Standard Attribute Table (PDF, 230kB)

 PDFAppendix 5 Water WAEx Standard Attribute Table (PDF, 219kB)

 PDFAppendix 6 Sewer WAEx Standard Attribute Table (PDF, 207kB)

 PDFAppendix 7 Pump Stations (Water and Sewer) WAEx Standard Attribute Table (PDF, 246kB)

 PDFAppendix 8 WSC Confidentiality and non disclosure deed (PDF, 115kB)

 PDFAppendix 9 Spatial Services Digital Data Licence Agreement 

Work as Executed Attribute Excel Tables

For a copy of the latest excel attribute templates please send an email to Council's Asset Officers at asset.officers@wsc.nsw.gov.au.

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Last Updated: November 26th, 2019
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