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Disclosure Statement of Political Donations & Gifts

The Environmental Planning and Assessment act (1979) requires the disclosure of political donations and gifts where Council or the Minister is the approval authority when making planning applications or submissions in respect of planning applications. 


If you wish to make a submission with respect to any planning matter, you will need to download and complete Declaration 1 below:

Political Donations Declaration #1 (PDF, 26KPDFkB)

This Declaration requires you to answer 'yes' or 'no' with regard to whether you have made political donations or gifts totalling more than $1000 in the previous two years. You must complete and return this Declaration with your submission, even if your answer is 'no'.


If you answer 'yes', then you will also need to download and complete Declaration 2 below which also provides further detail on exactly what constitutes a political donation or gift.


Political Donations Declaration #2 (PDF, 48kBPDF)

If you have made more than five donations or gifts you will need to also download the follow-on page:


Political Declaration follow-on page (PDF, 5kB)


Last Updated: October 15th, 2020
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