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Proactive Swimming Pool Barrier Inspection Program

The Swimming Pool Act 1992 (the Act) provides for councils to develop their own Swimming Pool Barrier Inspection Program to incorporate pools in addition to ‘mandatory pools’ in consultation with its community. 

As resources and funding are made available, Council will:

  1. Promote awareness through community publications, media releases, website information, newsletters, rates notices, owner self-assessment checklists, and staff interaction with the community,
  2. Identify swimming pools and non-compliant barriers when undertaking inspections as part of Council’s broader regulatory role,
  3. Monitor and compare the Office of Local Government database with Council’s records including the use of aerial photography to identify non-registered swimming pools,
  4. Implement an inspection regime either by random selection, by street or by suburb to actively identify swimming pools and ensure compliance with the Act.

Last Updated: July 31st, 2019
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