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Bowral Parking, Traffic & Transport Strategy


The Bowral Parking, Traffic and Transport Strategy has been developed to address the impacts of future growth, that could be reasonably expected to occur, within the Bowral Town Centre, between present day and over the next 20 or so years.

The strategy provides realistically achievable infrastructure concepts, outlining immediate and longer term projects. The strategy also includes broad changes to management of parking, traffic and transport.

The implemented strategy will enable the Town Centre system to operate at acceptable level of service and will improve transport equity and pedestrian safety throughout the Bowral Town Centre.

The strategy is consistent with the relevant goals outlined in the Community Strategic Plan Wingecarribee 2031+.

The road network infrastructure changes in the strategy are underpinned by the Bowral Town Centre Paramics Model and Scenario testing undertaken.

The strategy was adopted by resolution of Council on 12 December 2012 following consideration of community feedback.

Strategy Document

PDFBowral Parking Traffic & Transport Strategy As Adopted By Council 12-12-12 (PDF, 719kB)

Strategy Appendices

Missing Appendices are either not used in the Strategy or are pending. Please see Contents page of Strategy.

PDF1 Bowral Parking Utilisation Map 2005 (PDF, 982kB)

PDF3 Moss Vale Parking Utilisation Map 2005 (PDF, 629kB)

PDF5 Strategy Key Construction Elements (PDF, 2,036kB)

PDF6 Bowral Town Centre Distributor Road (PDF, 919kB)

PDF7 Bowral Off-street Parking Guide (PDF, 498kB)

PDF8 Signal Modification Bundaroo St - Station St (PDF, 738kB)

PDF10 2 Lane Roundabout - Bundaroo St - Station St (PDF, 555kB) 

PDF11 Bowral Town Centre Distributor Rd - Bowral St to Boolwey St (PDF, 1,546kB)

PDF12 2nd Rail Overbridge - Wingecarribee St (PDF, 346kB)

PDF13 Town Centre Distributor Rd - Links Rd to Bowral St (PDF, 97kB)

PDF14 Pedestrian Refuge - Station St (PDF, 277kB)

PDF15 Bowral Bicycle Network (PDF, 182kB)

PDF16 Merrigang St-Bong Bong St Signals (PDF, 106kB)

Microsimulation Documents

The Microsimulation Modelling underpins the road network improvements outlined in the Bowral Parking, Traffic and Transport Strategy.

PDFBowral Town Centre Council Microsimulation Project Brief (PDF, 2,096kB)
PDFMicrosimulation Base Field Data Working Paper (PDF, 2,200kB)
PDFMicrosimulation Scenario Testing Final Report (PDF, 5,471kB)
PDFBong Bong St - Merrigang St Microsimulation Final report (PDF, 106kB)
PDFBase Microsimulation Model Peer Review Letter (PDF, 198kB)
Last Updated: December 19th, 2019
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