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Moss Vale Enterprise Corridor Section 94 Plan

The Section 94 Developer Contributions Plan for the Moss Vale Enterprise Corridor 2013 to 2050 was adopted by Council on 14 August 2013 and became effective on 28 August 2013.

A copy of the Section 94 Plan can be downloaded via the following link:

pdfSection 94 Plan for Moss Vale Enterprise Corridor 2013 to 2050 (PDF, 2.06MB) 

The Moss Vale Enterprise Corridor (MVEC) is a significant area of land between Moss Vale and New Berrima set aside for employment generating development under the Wingecarribee Local Environmental Plan 2010. The importance of the MVEC is also reinforced the Sydney-Canberra Corridor Regional Strategy 2006-31 as published by the NSW Dept. of Planning and Infrastructure.

The MVEC is currently zoned IN1 General Industrial with some IN3 Heavy Industrial zoned land to the south of New Berrima (Boral Cement Plant) and the eastern perimeter fronting McCourt Road, Moss Vale.

The S94 Plan for the MVEC has been adopted by Council to help fund the proposed road network that will need to be developed over time as development occurs over time. Other contributions apply to the MVEC in respect of Water, Sewer and Stormwater - refer Council's Section 64 Development Servicing Plans.

The S94 Plan for the MVEC is quite flexible in how it is to be applied to development, refer to definition of Nett Developable Hectares (NDHA) contained in the Dictionary Section of the S94 Plan.

Developers should contact Councils Contributions/Land Planner to discuss options prior to lodging a Development Application in the MVEC. Please call (02) 4868 0773 or email mail@wsc.nsw.gov.au.

Whilst the Section 94 Plan for the MVEC provides a works program and overall map for the proposed works, more detail plans are provided below as well as other supporting documents.

Concept Plans for Proposed Works list

pdfOverall Road Network Plan for MVEC (PDF, 514kB)
pdfOverall Road Network Plan for MVEC with Aerial Photo (PDF, 981kB)
pdfMAP ID 65-65A 1b of 2 (PDF, 438kB)
pdfMAP ID 65-65A 2 of 2 (PDF, 1.09MB)
pdfMAP ID 62 to 63 (PDF, 459kB)
pdfMAP ID 66 (PDF, 437kB)
pdfMAP ID 65-65A (PDF, 1.09kB)
pdfMAP ID 70 (PDF, 392kB)
pdfMAP ID 71 (PDF, 422kB)
pdfMAP ID 72 TO 77 (PDF, 1.41kB)
pdfMAP ID 72 (PDF, 638kB)
pdfMAP ID 73-74-73A (PDF, 959kB)
pdfMAP ID 75 TO 75A (PDF, 573kB)
pdfMAP ID 76 (PDF, 469kB)
pdfMAP ID 77-90A-90B INCL 77A (PDF, 912kB)
pdfMAP ID 84 (PDF, 491kB)
pdfMAP ID 87 (PDF, 482kB)
pdfMAP ID 90 5B OF 6 (PDF, 466kB)
pdfMAP ID 90 (PDF, 725kB)

Proposed Land Acquisition Plans

pdfAcquisition Plan 1 of 11 (PDF, 695kB)
pdfAcquisition Plan 2 of 11 (PDF, 393kB)
pdfAcquisition Plan 3 of 11 (PDF, 405kB)
pdfAcquisition Plan 4 of 11 (PDF, 373kB)
pdfAcquisition Plan 5 of 11 (PDF, 358kB)
pdfAcquisition Plan 6 of 11 (PDF, 378kB)
pdfAcquisition Plan 7 of 11 (PDF, 377kB)
pdfAcquisition Plan 8 of 11 (PDF, 499kB)
pdfAcquisition Plan 9 of 11 (PDF, 331kB)
pdfAcquisition Plan 10 of 11 (PDF, 677kB)
pdfAcquisition Plan 11 of 11 (PDF, 695kB)

Other Supporting Documents

pdfQuantity Surveyor Report (PDF, 6.54MB)
pdfLand Valuation Report Part 1 (PDF, 2.17MB)
pdfLand Valuation Report Part 2 (PDF, 815kB)
pdfMVEC Essential Infrastructure Plan 2007 (PDF, 13.4MB)
pdf2009 MVEC Illawarra Model Analysis Report (PDF, 100kB)
pdf2008 Model Validation Report Summary Report (PDF, 355kB)
pdf2008 Model Building and Validation Report (PDF, 2.68MB)
pdf2007 Network Deficiencies 2005 to 2025 (PDF, 2.98MB)
pdf2009-2010-2016-2031 Deficiency Report (PDF, 6.95MB)
pdfOgden - 1992 ITE Trip Generation (PDF, 2.05MB)
pdfSIDRA Analysis Part 1 (PDF, 6.06MB)
pdfSIDRA Analysis Part 2 (PDF, 7.87MB)
pdfSelect Link Analysis Explanation (PDF, 137kB)
pdfSelect Link Afternoon Analysis (PDF, 1.44MB)
pdfSelect Link Morning Analysis (PDF, 1.52MB)
Last Updated: October 3rd, 2019
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