Barking Dog Complaint

Complete this form to make a complaint about a barking dog.

Before lodging a complaint with Council about a barking dog, you should consider talking with the owner first. Talking with the owner can often resolve the problem. You can also contact the Community Justice Centre for free mediation.

For action to be taken under the Companion Animals Act 1998, the barking must be persistent or to such an extent that it unreasonably interferes with the peace, comfort or convenience of any person in any other premises.

Your accuracy in recording the noise complaint and the impact on you is extremely important as it may be used as evidence in Court. 

A 7 day noise complaint diary must also be submitted with this form as documentary evidence to support the complaint. 



Step 1.Complete the complaint details

Complete the required details in the online form below. Note this includes a 7 day noise complaint diary.

Step 2.Review

Your complaint will be reviewed and a Council staff member will contact you to discuss the information.  If the substance of the complaint is established, Council may contact the person responsible for the noise and undertake other activities to verify the noise and gather evidence.