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Pecuniary Interest Register

In accordance with Council resolution MN231/6 (11 May 2016) the Pecuniary Interest Return submitted by Councillors are to be published on Council's website. 

*The returns have been published where consent has been granted by the Councillor.

Pecuniary Interest Returns 2017/18

Clr G Andrews (PDF 258Kb)

Clr D Gair (PDF 289Kb)

Clr K Halstead (PDF 307Kb)

Clr G Markwart (PDF 356Kb)

Clr G McLaughlin (PDF 313Kb)

Clr P Nelson (PDF 392Kb)

Clr I Scandrett (PDF 348Kb)

Clr G Turland (PDF 309Kb)

Clr L Whipper (PDF 337Kb)

Pecuniary Interest Returns 2016/17

Clr G Andrews (PDF 714Kb)

Clr D Gair (PDF 732Kb)

Clr K Halstead (PDF 1036Kb)

Clr G Markwart (PDF 652Kb)

Clr G McLaughlin (PDF 827Kb)

Clr P Nelson (PDF 820Kb)

Clr I Scandrett (PDF 932Kb)

Clr G Turland (PDF 809Kb)

Clr L Whipper (PDF 668Kb)

Pecuniary Interest Returns 2015/16

Clr J Arkwright(PDF 723Kb)
Clr J Clark (PDF 723Kb)
Clr D Gair (PDF, 751 Kb)
Clr G McLaughlin (PDF, 738Kb)
Clr I Scandrett (PDF, 835Kb)
Clr G Turland (PDF, 754Kb)
Clr J Uliana (PDF, 880Kb)
Clr L Whipper (PDF, 690Kb)

Newly Elected Councillors - September 2016
Clr G Andrews (PDF, 718Kb)
Clr K Halstead (PDF, 845Kb)
Clr G Markwart (PDF, 812Kb)
Clr P Nelson (PDF, 718Kb)

Pecuniary Interest Returns 2014/15

Clr J Arkwright (PDF, 312kb)

Clr J Clark (PDF, 326kb)

Clr T D Gair (PDF, 363kb)

Clr G McLaughlin (PDF, 265kb)

Clr I Scandrett (PDF, 329kb)

Clr G Turland (PDF, 317kb)

Clr J Uliana (PDF, 302kb)

Clr L Whipper (PDF, 318kb)

Last Updated: January 10th, 2019
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