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Wingecarribee Shire Council consists of nine Councillors who are elected by the residents of the Shire every four years. 

Mayoral elections take place every two years as per the Local Government Act 1993.


The Mayor and Deputy Mayor have been elected for a two year term (September 2018-2020). 


For your convenience, and if your email client is configured, the link below will place all Councillor's email addresses into your email client.

contact  all Councillors - click here to email

For all individual correspondence please see the contact details below.

Mayor, Clr T D GairMayor, Clr T D Gair (Duncan)

PO Box 141

Moss Vale NSW 2577

Office: 4868 0719

Mobile: 0409 039 731


Deputy Mayor, Clr G Turland

Deputy Mayor, Clr G M Turland (Garry)
PO Box 285

Bowral NSW 2576

Mobile: 0408 371 759


Clr Grahame Andrews
Clr G Andrews (Grahame)

PO Box 141

Moss Vale NSW 2577

Mobile: 0408 337 679


Clr K Halstead

Clr K J Halstead (Ken)
PO Box 141
Moss Vale NSW 2577

Mobile: 0498 119 788

Clr Graham McLaughlin
Clr G McLaughlin (Graham)

PO Box 141 

Moss Vale NSW 2577

Mobile: 0408 244 915


Clr Gordon Markwart
Clr G Markwart (Gordon)

PO Box 141 

Moss Vale NSW 2577

Mobile: 0408 226 945


Clr Peter Nelson
Clr P Nelson (Peter)

PO Box 141 

Moss Vale NSW 2577

Mobile: 0408 486 884


Clr I Scandrett

Clr I M Scandrett (Ian)

PO Box 120

Moss Vale NSW 2577

Mobile: 0418 296 161


Clr Larry Whipper

Clr L A C Whipper (Larry)

PO Box 3141 

Robertson NSW 2577

Mobile: 0407 932 922


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