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Council Cleanup Dates and Information

Council Cleanups

Council provides bulky waste clean up collection to residents who have a council domestic waste service, via a pre-booked and pre-paid collection service. 

Wingecarribee Shire Council’s Resource Recovery Centre will commence its annual Shire-wide Summer Clean Up starting Monday 3 February 2020.

How to Pay and Book for your Clean-up

The Clean Up is available to all current domestic Council waste service users and is operated on a pre-book and pre-paid basis.

A flat rate of $87.00 (with 1% surcharge for credit cards) applies to each collection. 2 cubic metres per household is allowed each six months.

Bookings and payments must be made by Friday 4.30pm the week before the collection period for your area (check dates below).

Payment by Credit Card

Phone (02) 4868 0888 and request to pay and book for Council Cleanup.

Payment in Cash

Pay and Book at the Civic Centre, Elizabeth Street, Moss Vale.

Dates for Clean-Up: Summer 2020

Dates Clean-Up Area

3rd Feb – 7th Feb

Balaclava, Mittagong, Renwick, Welby

10th Feb – 14th Feb

Northern Villages including Willow Vale, Braemar, Aylmerton, Yerrinbool, Colo Vale, Hill Top, Balmoral, 

Buxton, Berrima, New Berrima and Medway

17th Feb – 21st Feb


24th Feb – 28th Feb

Southern Villages including Robertson, Fitzroy Falls, Burrawang, Bundanoon, Exeter, Penrose, Wingello and

Sutton Forest

2nd Mar – 6th Mar

Moss Vale

Dates for Clean-Up: Winter/Spring 2020

NB Cost of Clean-up to be confirmed for 2020-21 financial year.

Dates Clean-up Area

10th Aug – 14th Aug

Balaclava, Mittagong, Renwick, Welby.

17th Aug – 21st Aug

Northern Villages including Willow Vale, Braemar, Aylmerton, Yerrinbool, Colo Vale, Hill Top, Balmoral,

Buxton, Berrima, New Berrima and Medway

24th Aug – 28th Aug


31st Aug – 4th Sept

Southern Villages including Robertson, Fitzroy Falls, Burrawang, Bundanoon, Exeter, Penrose, Wingello and

Sutton Forest.

7th Sept – 11th Sept

Moss Vale.

How much can I put out for collection?

Council Clean Up

Collections are limited to 2 cubic metres - approximately the same as a 7ft x 4ft box trailer. 

All items left for collection must be able to be handled by a maximum of two people.

Larger piles or piles that are not pre-paid will not be collected and may be treated as illegal dumping.

What can I put out for collection?

Included items

These are the items that are accepted and WILL be collected during the Council Clean Up

  • Household furniture - broken or unwanted items that can be lifted by two people 
  • Household Goods/Loose items - toys, cutlery & crockery, clothing, bikes and kitchen appliances 
  • Metals and white goods with doors removed for recycling (excluding fridges)
  • Sawn timber off cuts
  • Glass and Mirrors (wrapped only)
  • Oil heaters (with the oil removed)
  • Mattresses

Have a hot water system you want to include? Small hot water systems can be accepted, however to include a hot water system please call the Waste Hotline on 1300 133 969 to find out if the one you have is eligible. 

Excluded items

These items CANNOT be collected and WILL NOT be picked up if presented at the kerbside as part of the collection

  • Asbestos products 
  • Fridges
  • Televisions and computer monitors
  • Car tyres, vehicle engines or parts and car batteries 
  • Chemicals and Household Hazardous Wastes - oils, paint, gas bottles, pesticides, herbicides, house or pool chemicals, fire extinguishers and poisons
  • General/Food or Green Waste - food scraps, household waste, general recycling, compost, garden clippings, and tree branches 
  • Demolition waste including fibro, roofing iron, concrete, bricks, builders rubble, fencing wire etc
  • Oil heaters (with oil still inside)

Many of the excluded items can be dropped off the Moss Vale Resource Recovery Centre either free of charge or for a fee. 

Check out the RRC Waste Disposal Guide for more information, or watch the video below.

How and when do I place my items out for collection?

  • Please place all your items out on the kerbside in front of your property the night before (Sunday) your collection commences in your area in a neat pile.
  • Secure loose items to avoid being blown around
  • Place all your metal items together on the side of the pile so it can be easily accessed for recycling 
  • Avoid blocking driveways, letterboxes and footpaths
  • Ensure items are away from any overhead obstructions like low power lines and trees 

If other residents in your street are participating please keep your piles separate. The pile will be removed during the week of collection in your area. 

Further Information

DownloadPDFCouncil Clean Up Flyer

To find out more about any of the above, please contact:

Customer Service

Phone: 02 4868 0888

Last Updated: January 15th, 2020
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