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What's On - SHAF

What's on - SHAF

Arts Info Update

The Cultural Development Officer is now a part-time role. Erin Adams has taken on the role and is in the office Thursday and Friday.

As a result of this change it has provided an opportunity (and necessity) to ensure every part of the role is working as streamlined as possible.

New Look Arts and Culture Website

The SHAF website has always been a dedicated website for what, until now has always been known as the Southern Highlands 'Arts Festival'; essentially used as a tool for group marketing of arts and culture events happening in November every year. The site has had a makeover and has been re-developed and re-launched as the Southern Highlands Art File.

Expanding the site means we can focus on arts-related events all year, not just in November. This now opens it up to all arts categories including Visual Arts/Artisan, Music, Performing Arts, Literature, Museums + Galleries and Creative Industries, and many more, along with all their relevant sub categories.

The site includes:

  • A Features area which will give event organisers an opportunity to have a major presence on the site's home page
  • A growing set of ARTS Profiles for artists of all persuasions, musical groups, theatre companies, producers, organisations and more
  • A direct feed of all arts/culture-related events from Destination Southern Highlands “What's ON”
  • The popular Art Studio Trail section incorporating information, complex mapping and imagery for all studios and artists on the trail and;
  • Our new Arts Blog

The Arts Info newsletter list will get one email each month reminding you to check out the “what’s On” section and will also feature events and information for our Arts and Culture community. Please Subscribe to the newsletter here.

While we continue to work on this new site we would like to thank all of our supporters for their patience and continued support.

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Last Updated: November 13th, 2019
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