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Community Facilities Booking Forms

Community Facilities Booking Forms

Procedure for booking a Council Facility

Council has a number of halls, community centres, sporting and recreational facilities available to the community for hire.

Every organisation or individual wishing to hire a Council Facility must complete the following steps:

1. Liaise with the nominated booking officer to select the preferred date/s of hire. The Booking Officer will pencil in the date/s and the hirer will have 21 days to forward all relevant documentation to the Booking Officer.

2. Provide the following documentation and payment of the deposit:

i. completed and signed booking form
ii. comprehensive risk assessment
iii. a copy of the current Public Liability Certificate of Currency for $20 million dollars covering the organisation listed on the booking form and the event.

After this is done the booking will be confirmed.

3. Ensure that all items listed in 7.4 of the Terms and Conditions for the Hire of a Council Facility (this includes insurances, risk assessments and contractors details) are with the booking officer 28 days prior to the hire to gain access to the facility, or the booking will be cancelled.

pdf iconTerms and Conditions
pdf iconFacility Hirer's Risk Asessment Form
pdf iconHalls Booking Request Form
pdf iconRecreational Space Booking Request Form

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Last Updated: September 6th, 2019
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