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Commercial Waste Services Available

Available Services

Available waste collection types are below. Prices and Conditions of Service are available on the Commercial Service Agreement Form.

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General Mixed Waste

This bin is for items that cannot be recycled. However there are items that cannot go into this bin. See information below.

Bin Size Options: 

  • 240L
  • 1100L

Collection Frequency: 

  • Weekly
  • fortnightly
  • or 4-weekly

What Can Go in This Bin?

 Yes  No

General waste, including:

  • Food scraps
  • Food packaging (soft plastic wrapping, meat trays etc)
  • Pizza boxes (greasy or food inside)

Bagged ash and vacuum dust
Plastic sheeting
Green waste


Building waste including:

  • timber
  • bricks
  • plasterboard
  • concrete
  • timber
  • bricks
  • plasterboard
  • concrete
Hazardous waste including:
  • Asbestos
  • Chemicals
  • Pesticides
  • Paint
  • Thinners
  • Fuel
Loose ash/vacuum dust
Hot ash
Oil / Containers with oil inside
Electrical items
Energy efficient light globes & fluorescent tubes

Commingled Recycling

There are many items that can be recycled using this service however not everything that is recyclable can be put in this bin. Please refer to the list below.

Bin Size Options: 

  • 240L
  • 360L

Collection Frequency: 

  • Weekly
  • Fortnightly
  • or 4-weekly

What Can Go in This Bin?

 Yes No

Rigid plastic containers and bottles, including
PET bottles
Margarine containers
Steel and aluminium cans
Milk and juice cartons
Empty aerosol cans with nozzles removed
Clean and empty paint cans
Glass bottles and jars


Styrofoam or polystyrene 
Plastic bags
Plastic wrapping or sheeting
Food scraps
Ceramics, crockery, china and Pyrex
Mirrors and windows
Light globes and tubes
Electrical items
Paper contaminated with food, such as pizza boxes
Serviettes, paper plates and tissues
Waxed paper and waxed cardboard cartons
Plastic coated paper
Thermal fax paper or carbon paper
General waste

Confidential / Secure Document

A confidential bin is used to securely dispose of documents that contain sensitive information. This is an on-call service, where the bin is collected from your office. These bins are returned to the Resource Recover Centre and kept locked until disposal. 

The Resource Recovery Centre uses Challenge Southern Highlands to securely shred the contents of the bins on site.

Bin Size:

  • 240L 

Collection Frequency:

  • Fridays, on request
  • Call 4868 0505

What Can Go in This Bin?

 Yes No



Foldback Clips
Bulldog Clips

Plastic Sleeves

Carbon Paper

X Rays *

* NB X-rays can be collected when a bin is collected, but must be separated from any paper products, and NOT put in the bin.


This bin is just for paper and paper products.

Bin Size:  

  • 240L

Collection Frequency:
Weekly, Fortnightly, or 4-weekly.

What Can Go in This Bin?

 Yes No

Office paper and cardboard
Computer paper
Paper packaging


Plastic folders
Carbon paper
Waxed paper

Waxed cardboard cartons

Garden Organics

The contents of this bin are sent to the Resource Recovery Centre at Moss Vale and is used to make mulch for use by residents.

Bin Size:

  • 240L

Collection Frequency: 

Fortnightly or 4-weekly only.

What Can Go in This Bin?

 Yes No

Lawn clippings


Fresh/Dry Leaves

Flowers and Off-cuts

Agapanthus Heads
Noxious Weeds


Plant Pots
Garden Tools

Food Scraps


General Rubbish

Demolition Material


Hazardous Material


Further Information

For more information please call us on 02 4868 0505 or email us.

Last Updated: November 14th, 2019
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