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Building Sustainability Index

Introduced by the NSW Government, BASIX, the Building Sustainability Index, ensures homes are designed to use less potable water and be responsible for fewer greenhouse gas emissions by setting energy and water reduction targets for house and units.


BASIX is one of the most robust sustainable planning measures in Australia, delivering equitable and effective water and greenhouse gas reductions across NSW.


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BASIX Alterations and Additions Scheme


The BASIX for Alterations and Additions scheme became mandatory across NSW on 1 October 2006.


The scheme operates online and sets specific requirements for building work, based on the type of project. These requirements have some flexibility and only apply to the section of the home that is being renovated.


This ensures that practical measures (e.g. insulation, glazing, shading, hot water systems and any relevant water and lighting fixtures) are included when renovation work is planned.


The aim is to further reduce greenhouse gas emissions and potable water consumption, as well as improve the thermal comfort of existing homes.


Alterations & Additions link

BASIX Energy Target Zones


A fact sheet, cost analysis study, target zone map, and a list of postcodes and their corresponding energy targets are all available.



Energy Target Zones 

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Last Updated: February 21st, 2020
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