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Asbestos & Roads

Asbestos Policy

Council's Asbestos Policy provides extensive information relating to New South Wales legislation, the development assessment process, and responsibilities for managing, transportation and disposal of asbestos waste.

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Road Test Results

In 2012 Wingecarribee Shire Council was notified of the possibility of asbestos within the unsealed road surfaces of several roads in the Robertson area. Council takes any such notification seriously and immediately undertook testing and notified property owners.

Council also notified the appropriate authorities which include the Environment Protection Authority (EPA), Department of Health and WorkCover NSW.

Upon further investigation a decision was made to check other roads within the Shire which could potentially have an asbestos contamination.

PDFRoads test result 20 September 2012 (PDF, 64kB)
PDFRoads test result 21 September 2012 (PDF, 84kB)
PDFRoads test result 24 September 2012 (PDF, 64kB)
PDFRoads test result 26 September 2012 (PDF, 76kB)

PDFRoads test result 28 September 2012 (PDF, 65kB)
PDFRoads test result 3 October 2012 (PDF, 76kB)

To discuss this matter further please contact the hotline 0429 997 193

Property owners who would like to receive updates via email rather than post should email their details to asbestos.update@wsc.nsw.gov.au.

Council is endeavouring to keep the community informed on this matter and working towards an appropriate action plan to address all future concerns.

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Last Updated: May 1st, 2020
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