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Application Forms

 Development Application  Forms     Usage Notes                           
PDFDevelopment Approval (PDF, 572kB)
PDFConstruction Certificate (CC) (PDF, 584kB)

PDFComplying Development Certificate (CDC) (PDF, 475kB)

PDFModification of Complying Development Certificate (PDF, 475kB)

PDFSewer & Water Approval (Section 68) (PDF, 540kB)

PDFModification of Sewer & Water (Section 68) (PDF, 474kB)

PDFSection 68 Application C6 Annexure (PDF, 400kb)
Use this form along with the Sewer &
Water Approval (Application for Section
68 Approval) to apply for an 'Approval to
Operate' [Section 3 Part C6] for an existing On-Site Sewage Management system
PDFOccupation Certificate Application (PDF, 486kB)

PDFSubdivision Certificate Application (PDF, 500kB)

PDFModification of Development Consent (PDF, 478kB)

pdfModification of Construction Certificate (PDF, 478kB)
PDFReview of Determination Application (PDF, 481kB)

PDFRoads Act Approval (Driveway, Section 138) (PDF, 485kB)

PDFSubdivision Certificate Application (PDF, 500kB)

PDFPCA form: Agreement for the Performance of Certification Work (PDF, 200kB)

PDFPCA Information Sheet (PDF, 12kB)

PDF IconStreet Numbering & Road Naming Appliction (PDF, 400Kb)
This form is used to apply for new street numbers and road names.

Property Enquiry Forms        Usage Notes 

pdfBushfire Level Attack (BAL) Certificate (PDF, 210kB)

  • Certifies bushfire attack level of subject land for proposed development.

pdfApplication for Drainage Diagram and Sewer Reference (PDF, 190kB)


  • Drainage Diagram: a diagrammatic representation of drainage plumbing work internal to the property boundary- excludes stormwater drainage.

  • Sewer Reference Sheet: location and connection map of Council’s water & sewer assets in relation to the subject property external to the property boundary- excludes stormwater.

pdfDevelopment Enquiry Form (PDF, 205kB)

  • Town Planning Enquiry
  • Dwelling Entitlement Search
  • Prelodgement meeting

pdfLodgement of fire safety certificates(PDF, 185kB)

  • Application for the lodgement of prepared Fire Safety Certificates only.

pdfFlood Certificate (PDF, 363)

  • Detailed flood information relevant to subject property as available.

pdfNoxious Weed Certificate (PDF, 185kB)

  • Provides information as to whether there are any weed control notices affecting the property; and the amount (if any) due or payable to Council in connection with any issued weed control notices.

pdfOutstanding Notices & Orders  (PDF, 186kB)

  • Outlines whether any outstanding orders or notices have been issued by Council in respect of the subject land under section 735A & 121ZP of the Local Government Act 1993.

pdfSection 10.7 Planning Certificate  (PDF, 191kB)

  • Contains information about the zoning and relevant local and state planning controls on the subject property, issued in accordance with the Environmental, Planning and Assessment Act 1979.

pdfPublic Positive Covenant Certificate 88G  (PDF, 186kB)

  • Advises the amount (if any) due or payable to Council because of a failure to comply with a public positive covenant imposed on the land.

pdfRate - Section 603 and Water Certificate (PDF, 374kB)

  • Advises the amount (if any) due or payable to Council by way of rates, charges or otherwise on a parcel of land.

pdfRoad Widening Application

(PDF, 185kB)

  • Outlines any future road widening that is proposed by the Roads Act 1993, Environmental Planning Instrument or Council Resolutions pertinent to the subject property.

Other Application FormsUsage Notes

Vegetation Clearing Permit Application

Self Assessment
Vegetation Clearing Permit Application - please complete the self assessment to determine if you need to complete an application form or lodge a development application.
pdf iconAdjoining Owner Details Application Form (PDF, 200Kb)
  • Request owner details of adjoining properties under Dividing Fences Act.
PDFApproval to carry out works application form (Council Asset) (PDF, 190kB)
  • Use this form to apply to carry out works on Council property. The completed form should be emailed to Asset.Officers@wsc.nsw.gov.au with supporting documentation. 

pdf Building Certificate 149B
(PDF, 61kB)

  • Section 149B Environmental Planning & Assessment Act 1979

pdfBond Release Application Form
  • Release of bonds for landscape, civil works, tree removal, resited dwellings, etc.
pdf Change of Address (PDF, 36kB)
  • Change of address
LinkIndividual Tree Removal
  • Guide to individual tree removal
  • Order application form for a Master Locksmiths Access Key
pdfNotice of Commencement
(PDF, 42kB)
  • Building 
  • Subdivision 
pdfOccupation Certificate 
(PDF, 42kB)
  • Interim Occupation Certificate
  • Final Occupation Certificate 

linkOn-site Sewage Management Forms (internal link)

  • Application to Operate a System
    of Sewage Management
  • Search for Approval to Operate:
    On-Site Sewage Management
  • Application to Update Ownership/
    Operator Details on Existing Approval to Operate a System of Sewage Management
pdf2018-19 Outdoor Dining Application (PDF, 361kB)
pdf2018-19 Goods on Footpath Application (PDF, 362kB)

pdf2018-19 Sandwich Board Application (PDF, 360kB)
pdf2018-19 Sandwich Board Renewal (PDF, 360kB)

  • Sandwich board procedures have changed. An application for approval is only required for new sandwich boards. Approved boards will be issued a permit number. Permits are then renewable on a yearly basis with payment of the yearly fee only.
pdfStreet stall User Agreement (PDF, 48kB)
Street Stalls in these locations:
  • Bowral (Corbett Plaza)
  • Moss Vale (IGA)
  • Mittagong (Cnr Princess St & Bowral Rd)
  • Mittagong (Fruit Shop, Main St)
  • Bundanoon (newsagency)
  • Berrima (Surveyor General Inn carpark)

pdfSurrender of Development Consent (PDF, 38kB)

  • Surrender of Development Consent
  • Section 80A(5) & 104A of EP&A Act 1979 and Clause 97 EP&A Regulation 2000

pdf Swimming Pool Compliance Section 22D Swimming Pools Act 1992 (PDF, 56kB) 

  • Swimming Pool Compliance Certificate

pdfTerms of Positive Covenant - Standard Format (PDF, 42kB)


pdfWaste Management Plan 
(PDF, 80kB)
Waste management Plan for:
  • Construction works
  • Demolition works

linkWater & Sewerage (internal link)

  • Potable Water Services
  • Water Pressure Determination
  • Sewerage Services
  • Low Pressure Sewer
  • Sewer Flow Determination

These forms have been formulated with all due care and Wingecarribee Shire Council does not warrant or represent that the data is free from errors or omission and takes no responsibility for any use the data provided.

Whilst the data is considered to be correct and accurate at the date of publication changes in circumstances after the time of uploading may impact upon the accuracy of the data. Council is not in any way liable for the accuracy of any information printed and stored by the user.

Tax Implications

For every property transaction, there are tax implications. To help you determine property related GST obligations, refer to the GST and Property Guide on the Australian Taxation Office website.


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Last Updated: December 7th, 2018
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