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About Your Bin Service

What Bins Should I Have?

Wingecarribee Shire Council's 3 bin service includes a:

  • Red lidded bin for general waste that is destined to go to landfill
  • Yellow lidded bin for mixed recycling
  • Green lidded bin for garden organics that is destined to become mulch

Units and strata properties do not get a green lidded bin by default, but they can be requested.

What Can Go In My Bins?

Click on the links below to see what can and can't go in your bins:

What goes where

Link IconRed Lidded Bin 
Link IconYellow Lidded Bin 
Link IconGreen Lidded Bin 

 Handy Quick Reference Guide
 Handy Quick Reference Guide

The guide below provides a fast view of how to dispose of common items:

Link IconHandy Quick Reference Guide 

What if the waste can't go in any of my bins?

Link IconRRC Waste Disposal Guide 

What Options Do I Have For My Bin Service?

To help residents better manage their waste, Council provides a range of sizes of bins.

Bin Service Options

Red Lid

wsate Bin

  • 80L bin collected fortnightly
  • 80L bin collected weekly
  • 140L bin collected weekly
  • 240L bin collected weekly

Yellow Lid

Recycling Bin

  • 120L bin collected fortnightly
    • only if combined with a fortnightly 80L red lidded bin
  • 240L bin collected fortnightly
  • 360L bin collected fortnightly

Green Lid

Organics Green Waste

  • 240L Bin collected fortnightly

Each service incurs a different charge. 

Prices can be seen on the service request forms

Link IconWaste Service Request forms 

How Do I Change My Service?

The property's owner or managing agent can request changes to your service by completing the appropriate request form.

Link Icon Waste Service Request form 

When is My Collection Day?

When is my collection day

Each property has a Collection Day and is allocated to a Collection Zone.


  • All bins are emptied on the same day.
  • This day does not change on public holidays such as Christmas or Easter, however trucks may run earlier than usual.
  • Bins should be presented to the kerb the night before the scheduled collection day, just in case the truck comes through at a different time to usual.

Collection Zone

  • Collection Zones are used to split up the shire into different collection weeks for your yellow and green lidded bins.
  • Collection zones are either purple or orange. Your zone collection can be viewed on our waste collection calendar.

Kerbside Waste Collection

  • Red lidded bins collected fortnightly are collected on the same week as your yellow lidded bin.
  • For most of the year, yellow lidded bins and green lidded bins are presented on alternate weeks

The easiest way to find out your collection week or day is to check for your street.

Link Icon Collection Day Search

This search will let you know the collection day and which collection zone you are in. It also links you to the collection calendar to refer to or to print.

How Should I Present My Bins to the Kerb?

  • Bins should be presented to the kerb the night before the scheduled collection. This is because:

    • Trucks may come through earlier than usual as services can be impacted by vehicle breakdowns or staff illness.
    • On Public holidays trucks may start collecting earlier.

  • Bins must be contamination-free i.e. contents in line with what is acceptable for that bin.

  • Bins must be placed on the kerbside for collection the night before the scheduled collection day.

  • The front of the bin needs to face the road.

  • Bins need to be clear of obstructions and not placed:

    • Under overhanging branches, signs, power poles
    • Behind parked cars
    • Closer than 30cm to another bin.

  • Bins may not be overfilled or be overflowing.

  • Overfilled bins are at risk of animal attack, a major cause of street pollution, and it preferred that bins are presented with the lid closed.

  • For the purposes of bin collection, a bin is considered overfilled if:

    • The contents of the bins result in the truck being unable to lift and empty it.
    • The lid of the bin is open more than 45 degrees, or the contents are at risking of falling to the ground before or during emptying of the bin.

  • Bin contents must not be compacted to the extent that the bin is unable to be emptied using the standard process.

Contamination of Bins

Contamination of bins is monitored by our collection contractors and reported to Council.

Initial incidences will result in letters being sent to the householder.

Continued contamination may result in removal of the recycling or organics bin.

What if My Bin Goes Missing?

If your bin goes missing, contact Council on 02 4868 888.

Who Can I Contact If I Have Questions?


Waste Hotline
Phone: 1300 133 969

Email: info@wscwaste.com.au


  • General Enquiries
  • Bin Repairs
  • Contaminated Bins


Wingecarribee Shire Council

Phone: 02 4868 0888

Email: domesticwaste@wsc.nsw.gov.au


  • Rate Enquiries
  • New Services
  • Moving house
  • Missing Bins
  • Pay/Book Council Cleanups
  • Changes to your collection service

Last Updated: June 25th, 2019
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