Manage Your Water Service


Our goal is to provide customers with a cost effective and environmentally responsible water supply service which meets desired and mandatory standards.

We supply and maintain one service connection per property. Additional service connections are only permitted in accordance with our Provision of Water & Sewer Services policies. To apply for a water connection, please visit our Connecting to Water or Sewer page. 

Water Services Guide(PDF, 1MB)

Water Meter Responsibility

We provide and maintain the entire network up to and including your water meter. If you notice a problem with your meter, contact us and we’ll repair or replace it. If you damage or tamper with your meter, however, we may need to forward the repair charges to you.

Please make sure your water meter is always accessible and that your internal plumbing after the meter is in good condition. If you have any issues with your internal plumbing, please consult a plumber.

The below diagram shows your water services including where the responsibility for repairs and maintenance starts and ends.


Water Services Responsibility Diagram


The meter pictured below shows where Council’s responsibilities for maintenance and repairs ends. Fittings and pipes after this identified are the responsibility for the property owners to maintain and repair, as required.

Councils Meter Responsibilities

How To Read Your Water Meter

There are several styles of water meters installed throughout the Wingecarribee Shire however they basically operate the same. Your water meter records the amount of water your household consumes, and this is used to calculate your bill. Council reads the black numbers only and charge per kilolitre.

Reading the water meter regularly can identify any sudden change in the water use. Identifying a problem early will reduce the impact on the water use component of the account. The water meter is generally located at the front of the property and records water usage in kilolitres, which is per thousand litres.

For enquiries relating to your water account, please contact our Revenue team for assistance on (02) 4868 0888.


Identifying Water Leaks

Many leaks occur when water pipes crack under the ground, in walls and underneath concrete driveways, which make them difficult to find. A dripping water tap and hidden water leaks on your property can waste thousands of litres of water over a three-month period, which would add unnecessary cost to the water account and may even cause damage to your property.


How To Check For Leaks

Ensure no water is being used in your house and turn off all water appliances, such as washing machines.

Take a reading of your water meter, including the red numbers.

Wait overnight, ensuring no water is used. The longer the time, the more obvious the results are.

If the meter shows water has been used, you may have a leak. It is recommended you contact a licensed plumber to locate and rectify any leaks.

If you find a leak that is Councils responsibility, please contact us for assistance, by calling (02) 4868 0888. 


Water Meter Covers

Water meter protection covers help to protect the water meter and associated pipe and fittings that are above ground. They help prevent damage, vandalism and potential freezing in cold weather conditions.

Council will supply water meter protection covers as part of the installation process for any new water connections. Replacements or new meter cover requests are the responsibility of the owner to purchase. Meter protection covers can be purchased from most plumbing supply outlets.


How Can You Help To Save Water?

Council has adopted simple, common sense actions that the community can take to reduce waste of water by using our Water Wise Initiatives. These initiatives apply all year and are only superseded when water restrictions are imposed.


Report An Issue With Your Water Supply

Want to know more about your water supply or have an issue? Check out our FAQs page or contact us by calling (02) 4868 0888 or reporting here.