School Workshops, Presentations and Resources


Waste education presentations and workshops include the following topics:

  • The Three Bin Kerbside System - how it works
  • Plastics - how to reduce and recycle them
  • Waste Audits for your school
  • RRC Tours on request 
  • Request to be part of the Get Grubby Program FREE for early learning centres and primary schools.

Sessions are interactive, fun and flexible and can be tailored to suit the needs of your group. Combine any one of the above topics or surround your specific questions about waste. 

School presentations range from individual classes to whole school assemblies, student committees and curriculum support.

Sessions are normally 40-50 minutes but can be tailored to your needs. 

Waste Audits

Waste Audits will require some pre-planning, preparation and time taken to complete and will vary depending on volume of waste being assessed. Click here for more information. 

Waste Audits At Your School

Council will be able to support schools within the the local government area to undertake a waste audit at their school. 

Council can assist or you can use our Waste Audit Guide and run your own. 

The audit will build a picture of what waste the school has and following the audit the school can identify how to reduce waste going to landfill and reducing the impact of their day to day activities. 

School Waste Audit Guide(PDF, 528KB)

General Bin Audit Template(PDF, 150KB)

Recycling Bin Audit Template(PDF, 148KB)

Waste and Recycling Colouring Books For Your School

Council has a set of 4 colouring books for primary schools to use as a simple educational tool on the importance of managing our waste better. 

Topics cover:

  • Reuse and Recycling
  • Discover E-Waste Recycling 
  • Discover Composting
  • Discover Recycling

The colouring books can be delivered to your school packaged in a paper bag with colouring pencils or will be provided following a presentation by the Waste Education Officer. Best suited to Yr 2 - 4.  


Wingecarribee Shire Council partners with EnviroMentors to provide sustainability incursions to Primary Schools located within the Shire. Topics range from composting, lunches unwrapped, sustainability and keeping waterways clean.

For more information on what the EnviroMentors program click here or contact Councils Waste Education Officer.