Station Street Renewal Works

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Station St, Bowral

Council is proposing to carry out renewal works along Station Street in Bowral. The proposed works include construction of a new watermain, road pavement rehabilitation, kerb and gutter, footpath improvements and the inclusion of new car parking spaces.

The works encompassed are outlined below:


A new watermain will be installed within the eastern footway section of Station Street between Boolwey and Merrigang Streets. When pavement works begin in August 2022, the old watermain under the road will be removed.

Road Pavement

The road pavement will undergo a full reconstruction to renew the life of the pavement, improve road cross fall and improve ride quality.

Kerb & Gutter
  • The existing Trachyte kerb will be renewed by being recut and relayed on the east side of Station Street (Boolwey to Wingecarribee Streets).
  • New concrete kerb and guttering will be constructed on the west side adjacent to the Camellia Garden and around the Pin Oaks.
  • New concrete gutter will also be constructed on the east side between Wingecarribee and Merrigang Streets.

  • The open channel opposite Banyette Street will be piped and filled in to improve safety.

Pedestrian Facilities
  • There will be a new footpath on the eastern side of station street to replace the existing footpath that is in poor condition.
  • The new footpath is to be constructed on the rail side to complete the missing link from the traffic lights at the intersection with Bong Bong Street.

Plants & Trees
  • The Camellia Garden will be restored and enhanced with works to include a site-specific maintenance plan with irrigation system. To protect the camellia plants, kerb and guttering will be constructed adjacent to the planting.
  • All Pin Oaks will be retained and protected with new kerb and guttering. All street trees will be retained and pruned as required. 
Station Street Camelia Garden Preservation Project

The preservation of the Station Street Camelia Gardens is a complex project with the majority of the work location taking place on land managed by Transport for NSW (TfNSW).

The planning for the project will take time to navigate through the various government departments and planning processes.

Works will all be guided under recommendations from relevant industry experts, consultants and contractors including heritage consultants, camellia specialists and irrigation consultants.

Arrangements are also being finalised with TfNSW to gain approval for clean-up, vegetation removals, spraying for pests and diseases and pruning of the camelias before the end of April 2022.

In addition, Council is in the final stages of preparing an Environmental Review  for TfNSW.

Other works to be undertaken include final irrigation design and installation, installation of power for the irrigation control system, lamp post restoration, levelling of the garden beds and restoration of trachyte stone terraced walls, soil conditioning, fertilising and planting of new camellias.  These works will compromise Stage 2 of works.

Investigations have revealed that power supply to the lamps is non-existent and the original wiring is not serviceable. The potential damage to the root system of the camelias through trenching for the lamp post wiring has ruled this option out and instead, a refurbishment of the original lamp posts with retrofitted solar lighting is proposed to be presented to TfNSW.

Council has also undertaken preliminary investigations into suitably qualified contractors to undertake the restoration of the trachyte stone walls.

Providing certification, Stage 1 of the works (weeding and pruning of the camellias) is scheduled to commence on Wednesday 27 April and be complete by Friday 29 April 2022.

  • A total of 9 on street parking spaces will be permanently removed. 6 of these spaces were situated on the Rail side next to the camellia plants, and 3 from the East side.
  • The existing carpark just south of Boolwey Street on the rail side will be extended to provide approximately 43 new car parking spaces for general all-day use.
  • Additional off street parking spaces are proposed for the 23/24 financial year with an estimated 100 spaces to be provided.
  • The current loading zone outside number 271 is proposed to be relocated 30m north.


The proposed works will be staged with the following timelines:

  • South Station Street Drainage Improvements - April 2022
  • New Watermain - May 2022
  • North Station Street Pavement and associated upgrades - August 2022
  • Carparking extension - Financial year 2022/23

For further information please view the below video presentation or visit Your Say Wingecarribee.

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