Civic Centre Repair & Refurbishment

  • Project typeRepair and Refurbishment
  • Project value$9.260 Million
Civic Centre Repair and Refurbishment

The Civic Centre is a vital piece of community infrastructure that provides a place for our community to meet in formal and informal settings.

The building located at 68 Elizabeth Street in Moss Vale. It includes the Council Chambers, Moss Vale Branch Library and a range of civic facilities and services.

The Civic Centre Repair and Refurbishment project involves repair and renewal works to the existing building.

The building was originally built in 1970 and extended in 1997. Since then, only minor maintenance activities such as painting, carpet replacement and an amenities upgrade have been carried out.

Council is undertaking this project because the existing building has significant maintenance issues, is energy inefficient and is difficult to access. The building is also doesn’t comply with current Workplace Health and Safety Standards.

Repair and Refurbishment Features
  • New roof structure
  • Building alterations including infill of existing courtyard allowing modification to area of existing library
  • Extension over library for storage, meeting rooms and accessible toilets
  • Ceiling works in Council Chambers and new external plant platform area
  • New atrium stair and accessible lift to first floor
  • Associated fire system upgrades including smoke detection and alarm systems, emergency lighting, exit signage and any artificial lighting plus hydrants and hose reels in refurbished and extended areas
  • Minor landscaping and adjustments to external retaining walls to accommodate the new roof support columns.
Environmental Benefits
  • Installation of a commercial solar system
  • Upgrade to a modern and energy efficient air-conditioning system for heating and cooling.

Site establishment works are scheduled to commence week commencing 13 January 2020.

Construction and demolition activities will be carried out between:

7am and 6pm weekdays

8am and 5pm Saturdays

9am and 5pm Sundays

During construction Donkin Avenue will be temporary reduced to one-way traffic and parking around the work site may be limited.

Road users are cautioned to follow the changed traffic conditions, exercise care when traveling through the work zones and be aware of heavy machinery within the work areas.

Moss Vale Library Temporarily Relocated

The Moss Vale Branch Library will be temporarily closed during works for approximately 12 months from 12 noon Saturday 21 Dec 2019. 

During the temporary closure the Mobile Library Service will visit Leighton Gardens between 10 am and 4 pm each Friday starting 10 January 2020.


The $9.260 million project is funded through existing cash reserves and low interest loans.

The project is included in Council’s Delivery Program 2017 – 2021 and supporting documents. 


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