Local Environmental Plan


A Local Environmental Plan (LEP) is a statutory document prepared in accordance with the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 (EP&A Act 1979) and Environmental Planning & Assessment Regulations 2000 and approved by the Minister for Planning and Environment. 

The Wingecarribee Local Environmental Plan 2010 (WLEP 2010) replaces the previous Wingecarribee Local Environmental Plan 1989

Wingecarribee Local Environmental Plan 2010
WLEP 2010 maps

Local Environment Plan Amendments

Local Environmental Plans (LEPs) are amended either by the State Government through the Standard Instrument or by Council through a Planning Proposal.  

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Standard Instrument Amendments

Amendments to the Wingecarribee Local Environmental Plan 2010 can occur automatically through amendments to the State-wide Standard Instrument on which the LEP is based. 

On 26 April 2023, amendments to the Business, Industrial and Mixed Use zones were completed to create new Employment zones.

Wingecarribee Local Environment Plan 2010:
Current Business and Industrial Zone Employment Zone
B1 Neighbourhood Centre
B2 Local Centre
E1 Local Centre
B4 Mixed Use MU1 Mixed Use
B5 Business Development
B7 Business Park
E3 Productivity Support
IN1 General Industrial
IN2 Light Industrial
E4 General Industrial
IN3 Heavy Industrial E5 Heavy Industrial


WLEP 2010 has been further amended to introduce a new local clause 7.11 – Development in Local Centres, which identifies the previous B1 Neighbourhood Centre zones as ‘Area A’.

The intent of the clause is to protect the character and amenity of these village localities now that they are combined with the former B2 zones into a single E1 Local Centre zone.

To locate the new zoning for a property, please use the ePlanning Spatial Viewer

For more information, please see the Department of Planning and Environment fact sheet: 

Employment Zones commencement – additional matters(PDF, 82KB)

Planning Proposals

A Planning Proposal is the formal process by which Council may make an amendment to a Local Environmental Plan (LEP).

These amendments may take various forms, such as:

  • Amendment of the land use table to change the range of land uses permissible within a certain zone, or to introduce new land use definitions.
  • Amendment of map-based controls such as zoning or minimum lot size to vary the range or intensity of development options for a site.
  • Introduction of new local clauses to support strategic land use and development application processes and outcomes.

Planning Proposals can either be initiated by Council, or by an external applicant, usually a professional planning consultant, known as the Proponent.

Both the Wingecarribee Local Housing Strategy and the Local Strategic Planning Statement should be consulted if you are considering preparing a Planning Proposal. Generally, Council will only support Proponent initiated Planning Proposals if they are consistent with these Strategies and both site-specific merit and strategic merit can be clearly demonstrated.

Templates for Planning Proposal Submissions

A Planning Proposal scoping document must be submitted to Council for consideration prior to a formal Planning Proposal being prepared.

View or download our Planning Proposal templates below, as well as further information and guidelines from the NSW Department of Planning & Environment on making and amending LEPs. 

Planning Proposal Template - Proponent Initiated(PDF, 664KB)
Scoping Proposal Template - Proponent Initiated(PDF, 420KB)
Local Environmental Plan Making Guideline(PDF, 5MB)
Making and amending LEPs

Planning Proposal fees

A fee is $5,000 is payable at commencement of the Planning Proposal process, generally when the scoping document is lodged through the NSW Planning Portal.

Should the Planning Proposal progress, additional fees will be payable in accordance with  Council’s adopted Schedule of Fees and Charges.  

Declaration to Accompany Planning Submissions

From 1 October 2008, Section 147 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment (EP&A) Act 1979 requires the disclosure of all political donations and gifts when making submissions in respect of planning matters.

Please include Form 1 with your submission, even if your answer on that form is 'no'. If your answer is 'yes', you will also need to complete and lodge Form 2 with your submission. 

Section 147 of EP&A Act 1979(PDF, 44KB)
Political Donations Declaration Form 1(PDF, 24KB)
Political Donations Declaration Form 2(PDF, 11KB)

Current Planning Proposals

The status of all Planning Proposals (both completed and current) affecting WLEP 2010 may be viewed using the Department of Planning & Environment's LEP tracking system on their website.

Planning Proposals search

1989 LEP Maps

Sheet 1 North Western(PDF, 2MB)
Sheet 2 North Eastern Balmoral(PDF, 2MB)
Sheet 3 South Western(PDF, 3MB)
Sheet 4 South Eastern(PDF, 3MB)
Sheet 5 Mittagong and Welby(PDF, 2MB)
Sheet 6 Bowral Northern Section(PDF, 3MB)
Sheet 7 Bowral Southern Section(PDF, 1MB)
Sheet 8 Moss Vale(PDF, 3MB)
Sheet 9 Northern Villages(PDF, 2MB)
Sheet 10 Southern Villages(PDF, 2MB)