Tree and Vegetation Clearing on Private Land


Information on this page is accurate at the time of publishing, however is subject to change as further information becomes available on the processes and responsibilities under the NSW Biodiversity Law Reforms.


Under the NSW Government 2017 Biodiversity Law Reforms, Tree and Vegetation Clearing applications which are not part of, or related to, a development application in the Shire are now handled by different agencies depending on the zoning of your property.

Local Land Services (a NSW Government Agency) will handle your application if your property is zoned as Rural.

Council will handle your application if your property is zoned as Non-Rural, including Environmental (E) zoned areas.

Important Information

If you are proposing to remove trees or vegetation as part of, or related to, a Development Application, or located within a Heritage Conservation Area or Heritage Conservation Area or Heritage Item, please contact Council on 02 4868 0888 to discuss your proposal with the Duty Planner or visit Council's Customer Service Desk or visit the Development Section of our website.

What Trees or Vegetation Require Approval Prior to Removal?

Approvals are required to remove:

  • One or more trees (Exotic and Native); or
  • Patches of native vegetation, including trees and understorey

Who Processes my Tree Application?

The first step is to find out if it is Council or another Agency who will handle your tree or vegetation removal application.

Use Council’s Tree and Vegetation Clearing Guide Map Tool to locate your property and obtain specific information on who to contact and what application process may be required.