Tree Removal Requests for Council Managed Trees

Due to the importance of trees, Council will not remove council managed trees for the following reasons:

  • The private landholders personal preference is for no tree to be present; 
  • Leaf, flower and fruit drop; 
  • Shading of dwelling or landscape elements; 
  • Improvement of views from private property; 
  • Solar panel shading; 
  • Swimming pools where tree products are affecting the pool area or filtration system where reasonable covering and/or devices can be employed; 
  • Tree is providing habitat for permanent or temporary shelter for animals, provide breeding sites, provide forage or provide refuge from predators; and
  • Views to advertising billboards and signs.

Council will remove council managed trees for the following reasons:

  • Poor health;
  • Poor structure;
  • High risk score;
  • Where a tree is causing measurable damage or safety issues to a person or property, and the problem cannot be prevented/abated by the application of industry accepted arboricultural practices, or reasonable redesign; and
  • To facilitate Council capital works, maintenance programs or projects that benefits the local community. However, Council will investigate all options for tree preservation before removing the subject tree.