Tree Maintenance Request for Council Managed Trees

Council will maintain/prune or remove trees:
  • That exhibit poor health;
  • That exhibit poor structure;
  • To promote tree health and structure;
  • That present a high level of risk to people, property or infrastructure; where a tree is causing measurable damage or safety issues to a person or property, and the problem cannot be prevented/abated by the application of industry accepted arboricultural practices, or reasonable redesign;
  • To facilitate Council capital works, maintenance programs or projects that benefits the local community. However, Council will investigate all options for tree preservation before removing the subject tree.
  • To maintain clearance zones and traffic sightlines for vehicular and pedestrian traffic;
  • Any other reason at the discretion of Council's staff, which can be justified either on arboricultural, technical or legal grounds according to particular circumstances.

Generally, tree maintenance will not be carried out in the following situations:
  • To improve private property views;
  • To improve solar access;
  • To decrease leaf, flower and fruit drop;
  • To reduce the impact of bird, bat/other animal waste or noise.
  • The private landholders personal preference is for no tree to be present;
  • Shading of dwelling or landscape elements;
  • Swimming pools where tree products are affecting the pool area or filtration system where reasonable covering and/or devices can be employed;
  • Tree is providing habitat for permanent or temporary shelter for animals, provide breeding sites, provide forage or provide refuge from predators; and
  • Views to advertising billboards and signs.

Tree Maintenance Request Steps

The process for tree maintenance requests is as follows:

  1. Customer/Resident lodges a request with Council via the following form or via Snap Send Solve
  2. A qualified Council Arborist inspects and determines if works are required;
  3. Council Arborist categorises the works by priority and includes on the tree maintenance program;
  4. Council staff will be in contact with you to discuss the outcome of the inspection;
  5. Works are assigned to a team for completion, within a monthly work release.

Please note: The completion of the work will depend on the available resources and the priority of the works. If the job is an emergency Council will complete the works as soon as reasonably practicable.


Complete the form

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Tree Maintenance Request for Council Managed Trees